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Goji berries

Does anyone know where I can find sun dried goji berries anywhere in the Montreal area?? Preferably in the downtown or plateau area.

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  1. Les Douceurs du Marche at the Atwater Market

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      They sell them at Tau on St-Denis and I've seen them in the mall near the restaurant Maison Kam Fung in Chinatown in a herbal pharmacy.

    2. Not downtown or plateau- but, I just saw the organic Goji berries on sale at the IGA in the Cote st Luc shopping center.

      They have everything!!!

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        The small herbalist in Chinatown on the corner of Clarke and Rene Levesque has them, as well a Goji tea... Which will have you hopping more than drinking 2 cans of Base or red bull.

      2. Rachelle-Bery carries packages, large and small.

        1. Eden in the Galaries Du Parc sells them. Its at Parc and Prince Arthur (in the same building as Cinema du Parc)

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            I'm beginning to think Eden (or as I refer to it, the store above Metro) stocks just about everything. That is a great store.

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              Eden IS a great store. I used to shop at Metro (boo) because I sort of assumed that Eden was more expensive. Generally, there produce is better and cheaper. You can also find a lot of things (like Goji berries) that you can't find elsewhere - including a much larger stock of organic ingredients.

          2. This may sound odd, but believe it or not, check out the health food/vitamin section of your local Pharmiprix pharmacy. The Pharmiprix in NDG, on Sherbrooke and near Claremont avenue, has a large vitamin section. There's a rack devoted to organic healthy snacks, one of which is dried goji berries. Maybe the Pharmiprix near you will carry it as well.

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              That's true, I've seen them at Jean Coutu on Mont-Royal too.

            2. I recommend going to any of the herbalists in Chinatown. They sell them cheaper than in health food stores. As someone else mentioned there is a herbalist in the mall where La Maison Kam Fung is. I think the address is 1111 St Urbain.

              1. Thanks for the abundant suggestions I can go to! I will check out chinatown first, since I want to see the new Harmonie bakery and judge then on their yeen yeung and red bean bun. and then take a look at Eden afterwards since iit's close by. thanks!

                1. Rocky Montana has them the cheapest ive seen.does anyone know if you. An buy seeds and grow them here in the summer?i e heard they're pretty rugged