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Feb 12, 2008 12:24 PM

Moules y frites in Tampa?

So my wife and I took a vacation a month ago, and while in Paris fell in love with this dish.

Can anyone recommend a place in town that serves this the European way?


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  1. It's "moules et frites", and I'll keep thinking, but offhand, no. Moules, oui, mais avec frites, non.

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    1. re: Miss E

      Pardon, I'm mixing my languages there. :D

    2. Moules-frites is a classic Belgian dish with mussels steamed in white wine and fresh herbs with a side of “Belgian fries” that are twice deep-fried french fries. I don’t believe you will find this dish in restaurants here in the Tampa Bay area. Steamed mussels are easily done at home and you can add your favorite french fries for a semi-authentic Moules-frites.

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      1. re: kenr

        I'm positive I could make it, but the intent was for a night out. I usually do all of the cooking, and so it's nice for me to sometimes get a night off. Too bad for me. I've seen mussels around quite a bit living in Fl most of my life, but not prepared that way.

      2. pane rustica has them on the menu from time to time..south macdill ave.
        not enough european rest's in town for sure! moules y frites are actually more belgian than french so maybe check out that avenue. Or you and your wife could make your own for you and your friends! if you need a recipe let me know...i am a private chef in the area..went to le cordon bleu-paris. good luck

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          Thanks! Again, I was really hoping for a place to go out and eat them as a treat for both of us. Out of the house, no cooking, no cleanup etc.

          It was a Belgian place that we ate them at in Paris - Clichy's Tavern down the street from the Moulin Rouge. Lots of Belgian eateries, and they all hald moules-frites! Mmmm ....

        2. FOUND 'EM! Chez Bryce on Davis Islands had them on the menu last night, and since it bills itself as a classic French bistro kind of spot, I'm betting they're a mainstay. SO had them and thought the mussels were great, fries (seasoned with rosemary and parmesan) a bit cold but other wise very good, too. Hope you check it out!

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