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Feb 12, 2008 12:17 PM

Dallas Catering

Hi all!

Both of us now live in LA and are coming back to Dallas for our wedding. I'm a big foodie and would love for the food to be excellent for our wedding in Texas. I want people to remember our wedding for the food! haha

We are open to any and all suggestions as long as the food would be great. It will be for around a 150 people.

If you have a restaurant that you think could hold that amount of people as well, I'd be open to that suggestion too.

Thanks for any recommendations!

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  1. Try the Food Company! My friend had them cater her wedding. EVERYONE was talking about how great the food was ALL night!

    1. I had a hand in planning a great 50th. Bday party that was catered by George. I'm hard to impress, but it was the best catered meal I've had in Dallas (and I have alot of them)

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        Someone suggested Sonny Bryan's for BBQ and asking them to bring a smoker out. And have them smoke an entire pig.

        Also I got recs for
        La Duni
        Dallas City Market
        Andrew Ormsby Catering

        I was curious if any of the above recs use local or farm fresh ingredients? Does anyone recommend a caterer who does?

        Also I would love more recs or suggestions or opinions on catering if anyone has some... :)

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          No worries catering is a great choice everything they do is homemade. They do all sorts of events from corp. to weddings.

      2. Check out - it's part of Doug Brown's Beyond the Box catering ( Doug also owns Amuse restaurant (

        They do a brilliant job.

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          Ooo great! Thanks for the good recs!

          Also someone just told me to check out
          City Kitchen

          I'm excited about their homemade salad dressings. yum