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Feb 12, 2008 11:53 AM

Charlotte: 2nd Penguin location?

I was riding through uptown over the weekend and saw a sign for The Penguin at that stretch of bars near Cosmos Cafe (where Mythos, Bar Charlotte & Have a Nice Day... used to be). Was I imagining it or are they opening a 2nd location?

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  1. I think they suply food to one of the bars...can't remember the name of it though...

    1. I believe it is a called "Alley Katz (or Catz)". The place has been open since last spring. Never seems to do any business though....wonder why they even bother.

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      1. re: EASZMAN

        What a strange arrangement. I wouldn't have expected it from The Penguin. I guess money talks loudly sometimes. ;-)

        1. re: EASZMAN

          Walk by Alley Katz (or Catz) after 9pm and it seems to do quite a bit of business. Whenever we're down there in the evening they always seem to be blasting music and have people out on the deck. Not my scene though.

        2. Alley Cat, It's a new live music scene and bar that serves food from the Penguin Grill. They don't have the whole menu but all the staples are there...burgers, dogs, fried pickles,ect. I think they stop serving food at like 11:00.

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          1. re: fiscuspv

            That is so strange. What is the vibe like? Are the bands playing Penguin-like bands? Like Jem Crossland and the Hypertonics? How can you have a rockabilly dive uptown? I'm skeptical...

            1. re: littlegirltree

              I'm with you littlegirltree. Dare I say, it's as if they sold out. I hate to say that, but I can't make sense of it otherwise.

              1. re: lynnlato


                Here's a link.It looks okay but anytime I've been over there at night, the crowd has been very, very young. They literally bus them in from UNCC. Not sure that's a crowd that cares about food.

                1. re: lynnlato

                  Much of business can be summed up as filling a need. Sounds like these college kids/rock n rollers need some Penguin like food. I say Kudos to the Penguin for identifying this need and filling it.
                  I don't say sell out - I say Well Done!

            2. Just a note that I walked by here earlier this week and noticed that they had a sign outside saying that the Penguin is serving lunch at this location too. I don't know if that's new or not, but if you're uptown and you want Penguin you don't necessarily have to fight through dancing college kids and loud music to get it.

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              1. re: concordcourtney

                They definitely have lunch. If I worked uptown, I'd be psyched to be able to get my pickles on without having to drive. I think it's great!

              2. The owners of the Penguin are very into music and may POSSIBLY be in the ownership group for the bar or are friends with the owners. Not a sell-out at all, hopefully a win-win situation for both places.

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                1. re: hipquest

                  The ability to 'feed one's" family while doing what one loves, WITHOUT compromising original intent should never be called selling out. But then again I'm biased, I love the original Penguin and have the fortune of being not only in business in their neighborhood, but also the fortune of calling them friends. great guys that really deserve success. And whats not to love about some fried pickles, a big block, ice cold PBR's and the best jukebox ever. Internet jukes don't count, because somebody (or somebodies) had to actually THINK about what music goes in a traditional juke.