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Feb 12, 2008 11:41 AM

Enzo's (Windsor Terrace) finally open

The new brick-oven place on PPW (old Amin spot) is finally open. I stopped in there today to pick up a menu, and it looks nice enough. They didn't actually have a menu to take yet, but I saw their temporary menu which is quite extensive. A full italian selection, much more than a pizza joint...seems like everything is available in "individual" portions and also "family" portions. Reminds me a little bit of an Aunt Suzie's kind of menu. Prices were very reasonable. Entrees were grouped like "Chicken Entrees" which are all one price--i.e., chicken dishes were all $10.95 with $24 for the "family size".

Pizzas almost seemed an afterthought at the very last page of the menu and seemed to be all individual-sized pizzas. I didn't really look that closely...the menu is quite large.

No wine list yet ("hopefully next week") and he said no BYOB either...which is too bad. We were thinking of trying it for Valentine's day (as an easy no-reservation kinda thing) but, if there is no wine and we can't bring it, then forget it! But we'll try it soon.

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  1. "No wine list yet ("hopefully next week") and he said no BYOB either...which is too bad."

    seems to be a trend as of late(the mexi place on 6th ave and 13th street, peppino's....etc...)

    and too bad, it's the kind of trend that keeps me out of these places.

    1. Thanks for posting Jinx. I hope the pizza is decent. WT could use a decent pie place.

      1. Had dinner there over the weekend. What a mess. The dining space is tiny and cramped. They've made an attempt at authenticity, and after a year of work going into this place the result should have been much better. Aside from the guy making the pizzas, not a single other person among the small army of employees did anything useful to mitigate the horrible experience they delivered us. They don't have a liquor license, and don't allow BYOB. They serve bread and olives, but no olive oil. They brought water only after we asked, and then didn't refill again until we asked twice for those. The waiters (two native Italians, hardly any English aside from "fahgeddabouddit"), argued for a good five minutes over who would serve our table (there can't be more than 12 tables). After our appetizers, we waited about an hour for our two "pizzettes" to arrive, meanwhile watching one after another take-out order be placed and made before our pizzas were made. I tried to lock down our waiter the whole time, first to clear our table and then to inquire about our pizzas, and he avoided eye contact the whole time. The maître d', another incompetent soul, watched over everything, kept re-assigning tables to the two bickering waiters, but didn't lift a finger to refill waters, serve food, or generally help all the other idiots out in any way. We overheard one of the waiter's overtures to the maître d', telling him that he "takes the orders and brings the food. That's all [he does]." Well, he couldn't even do that very well. And to top it off, in the short amount of time they had to plan for this place (ahem), they forgot about credit cards. Yeah, you have to pay in cash.

        Only good part about our experience was the food. Had the mussels and two house pies, and it was all fantastic. My advice: get take-out!

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        1. re: NewUser

          I hope the service improves. Is that an understatement or what? But I'll let some other brave soul report back. Regarding the no liquor license and no BYOB, maybe it's a State Liquor Authority regulation. Does anyone know about that?

          1. re: NewUser

            went there last friday around 6 PM and had a pretty good experience. the place was packed, but we got our food pretty quickly and did not feel ignored. sure, some olive oil would have been nice with the bread, but all in all, it was a positive experience. btw, the pizzas are instantly the best in the hood, hands down. good charred crust, fresh mozz and tomatoes and some grano padano (I think) on top. yes, it took them forever to get the place open and it does feel a bit amateurish; nevertheless, the food is good and I'll take it over an empty storefront anyday

            1. re: jimmyjazz

              we had take out from there tonite. 2 pizzas - one plain and one with fresh mushrooms and italian sweet sausage. and a house salad without onions. total $28. they don't take credit cards yet. they were busy and it will be an asset to that neighborhood.

              my opinion of the food: ok. just ok. recently i've tried anthony's, peppino's and enzo's. hands down i liked peppinos the best. anthony's pizza - which i've had several times - is always soggy in the middle. this one at enzo's was just ok. nothing fabulous nothing awful. peppino's was really really good...and my 13 year old also thought the peppino's pizza was the best. i was disappointed with the salad. the dressing (a vinegarette) was harsh and the salad was 'uneven'...some huge pieces of lettuce and some tiny. and 2 pieces of (literally) rotted cucumber. ew.

              it will be a neighborhood staple but from now on i'll drive the few extra blocks to peppinos.

              1. re: redgirl

                I haven't tried Enzo's yet, but we gave Peppino's a shot last weekend. Really unimpressed. Decent enough crust, but bland cheese and sauce.

                1. re: redgirl

                  "and my 13 year old also thought the peppino's pizza was the best."

                  'nuff said...

                  1. re: TBird

                    lol not sure if that's a dig at my 13 year old or not. well, she's quite a 'fresser' as we say in my family...loves food and has discriminating taste! this is the kid who made us go back to a restaurant in paris to have the beef cheeks casserole twice. and she was spot on...peppino's is the best of the brick oven park slope pizzerias.

                    1. re: redgirl

                      if it were a knock, it was a friendly knock.

                      but i disagree with her re:peppino's. granted, i may not have the palate of a 13 year old....

            2. My husband and I got takeout from Enzo's on Tuesday night, 2/19. It was around 10pm and the place still had a few tables full. We chatted with the hostess and she said it was the first time that things had slowed down since they opened. Ordered two pies, the Putanesca (kalamata & gaeta olives, capers, anchovies, plum tomatos, mozz, garlic, and olive oil) and the Barese (sweet Cerelata sausage, broccoli rabe, hot cherry peppers, olive oil and parmigiana). I was especially excited about the Barese (love that rabe!), but when we got our pies home we realized that they gave us the Venezia (Grilled shrimp, Asiago Cheese, olive oil, roasted peppers and fresh mozz) instead of the Barese. :( But it was late and cold out so we ate it anyway (hopefully it was their mistake and we weren't chowing on someone else's pie). In the end I actually liked the Venezia better than the Putanesca which was way, way too salty, and I'm a salt fiend.

              Overall, I enjoyed the pizza and agree hands down it is easily the best in WT (Bene's on PPSW can really hit the spot too, though). The crust was good and held up. The sauce could use a little work, but it was enjoyable. Just take away a some of the cheese and you have a very nice pie. I'd definitely be willing to give them another shot.

              I have to try Peppino's as well sometime soon. I was born and raised on New Haven pizza--my mother's first meal post my birth at Yale New Haven was a Sally's clam pie--so I'm always on the hunt for some good 'za. :-)

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              1. re: brooklynbrownie

                Good news--I called last night to find out if they had their wine license yet, and they said not yet, but they've now revised their policy against bringing your own. So for the moment its BYOB.

                Hearing that, we grabbed a bottle of Priorat from the cellar and ran on down. Well...the not-so-good news is that the food and pizza were pretty middling. No problems at all with service, though. They were packed continually on Friday evening. The olives and focaccia came with---little packets of butter--!!!--which was odd. The focaccia itself was quite tasty with lots of rosemary and so fine on its own. We started with a spinach and gorgonzola salad (pretty good but the dressing way too sweet) and polpette (three huge meatballs and a nice touch, a side cup of fresh ricotta. But the sauce was thin and the dish basically bland.)

                Now, on to the pizzas....they were decent but I'd say Anthony's (even with the soggy middle) are a touch better. The crust was thing and crispy at the edges but can't put my finger on it, just didn't thrill. Also, my pizza, which was supposed to be with spicy sopressetta, seemed to have bacon on it and certainly nothing I recognized as sopresetta (although it was spicy, so I'm not sure what they put on it--maybe just pepper flakes.) Still, it was tasty enough. Hubby has a pizza with pancetta and ricotta which was also okay, just not wowing.

                Finally, the ambiance is more pizza joint then restaurant---even more so than Anthony's. They really need to turn down the lights--it was way too bright in there.

                I do think this place will suceed because a) it definitely fills a niche in the 'hood--a constant stream of people, especially early with kids; b) its really cheap! $38 for 2 apps, 2 pizzas, and a dessert); c) portions are huge--even the "individual portions". I was eyeing the next table over who had ordered entrees (veal parm, veal rollatine) and they were huge portions. We took home half a pizza (probably could have gotten away with ordering one, didn't realize the appetizers would be so large.)

                And we'll probably return for convenience sake. There are more pizza choices and a larger menu in general than Anthony's, and its less expensive. Although I like the ambiance (what there is of it) better at Anthony's. And when we feel like going a bit futher afield for pizza and salad, we'll still choose Savoia.

                Still waiting for the perfect pizza restaurant locally, though....(not including Franny's because that's a $100+ pizza meal--which I'm not saying isn't worth it at times, but not when you just wanna go out for good pizza!)

                1. re: jinx

                  have to agree that Enzo's will ultimately be a success. it's by no means a destination pizza place, but if you live nearby, it is a welcome addition. lots of kinks to be worked out, for sure, but cheap, convenient and above average brick oven pies.

                  1. re: jinx

                    I havn't tried Enzo's yet but hope to soon since they are only a few blocks from me.

                    But regarding their BYOB policy. BYOB in NYC is illegal, though it is rarely enforced if you do not have a license unless you have 20 seats or less. Just saying for accuracy

                    1. re: jinx

                      Regarding Anthony's

                      >>Now, on to the pizzas....they were decent but I'd say Anthony's (even with the soggy middle) are a touch better.

                      They did have that problem on some pies on occasion that I remember but I haven't seen it for a while. Maybe we just hit them on the right night.