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Feb 12, 2008 11:35 AM

Special dinner in Bonita Springs?

We'll be staying at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point and going out for dinner w/o the kids on Saturday night. What's the best food in a nice setting, preferably on the beach? From the past postings, it looks like Wyld's Cafe and Blue Water Bistro fit the bill but they both seem to be in malls which is kind of a bummer. Is there great food in also an intimate setting or on the beach for our one grown up night out?

Many thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. Have you ever been to Roy's? Yeah, I know it is an upscale small chain, but they aren't rubber-stamped and the food and service are excellent. The Roy's in Bonita is in a very upscale shopping complex with some interesting shops nearby, and there are only a few rows of parking circling the development so it isn't a long walk through a desert of cars.

    Yes, Wyld's is in a strip mall, but based on a rec from this board and their website and online menu I told my mom in Ft. Myers about it. She and her companion tried it this past weekend, were very pleased, and have added it to our list when I come in for my visit next month.

    There is a truism here in L.A. that holds true in SW Florida as well about food vs. view but not both. Have a drink somewhere romantic while the sun sets over the water, then eat somewhere delicious that isn't a ripoff, and then enjoy a nightcap after checking that the kids are ok. Much preferable to feeling gouged by mediocre $40+ dishes at a hoity-toity place where the attitude kills any romance and appetites.

    1. I second the sentiment about Roy's. It think it runs circles around Blue Water. There is a Chops restaurant on the corner of 41/Coconut Road by Hyatt also. I'm not a meat eater - it's a steak joint, so I've only been a few times. My favorite is roys. There is also a breat bistro on the south end of Ft. Myers Beach in Santini Plaza called South Beach Grill which is not bad either, if you're looking for non-chain establishments. You can throw in a beach walk after dinner and drinks too. South Beach is about 10-12 miles drive up the beach.

      If your kids are smaller there is a new indoor playground if its raining called Kid Zoo. Have a great trip and enjoy Bonita Springs.

      1. The nicest setting without being on the beach would be Bay House. Very pretty view overlooking the Cocohatchee river. See my previous post on this board for recomendations.

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          Thanks everyone. We love Roy's and will def. go there but that is a place we can go with the kids and we wanted to choose a more intimate place where we could go on the one night of our vacation that we have babysitting. If it's in Bonita Springs, that would be even better. Lastly, any views on sitting outside at Blue water, they have only outdoor tables at the time we want to go. Wyld's has a table also so we could still go there too. Also, are you all familiar wtih the Mucky Duck in Captiva? Is there anything like that in Bonita Springs/Naples where it's a fun bar to sit at on the beach and kids can play etc. there too? Thanks!!

          1. re: rpd

            The nicest thing about Mucky Duck is the location, which is great, but the food isn't the draw there so much as the ambiance and "experience factor".

            I'd second (or third) Roy's too, warn you against the "elegant" Vincenzo's on the Bay, reccomend Anthony's on 41 just south of Bonita Beach Road, and suggest a trip into Naples to Trulucks for what we believe to be the perfect Florida seafood experience, it's special!