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Feb 12, 2008 11:19 AM

Lindt Chili Chocolate

Love it! Thoughts?

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  1. That is some killer good stuff. I love chili with chocolate. Thats one of those combos that sounds bizarre but rocks!!!

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    1. re: Pearl820

      Wouldn't sound bizarre to the Aztecs...

      Vosges does 2 with chiles—one with guajillos & pasillas and the other with anchos & chipotles. Anyone done a Vosges-Lindt taste test?

      1. re: tatamagouche

        Haven't tried the Lindt, but I love the Vosges Red Fire Bar! I imagine they would be pretty similar but can't confirm.

      2. re: Pearl820

        As tatamagouche pointed it out... its a combination that dates to about 1500 B.C.

        1. re: Eat_Nopal

          Well, the Aztecs certainly got this one right! I wonder what other genius contributions they have made to modern food culture...I have a feeling that their use of maize is a big one...

          1. re: madgreek

            Well Maize preceeded the Aztecs by about 7000 years... but the various groups of Mexica (Me shee kah) extraction of which the Aztecs were one tribe are credited with combining Chocolate & Vanilla, Tomatoes & Vanilla, as well as Tomatoes & Green Chiles, the Chinampa Horticulture (creating arable land on lagoon surfaces by making "rafts" with light trees that would grow roots into the lagoon floor... bringing up soil from the bottom etc)... domesticating Turkeys & Ducks; being major harvestors of Huitlacoche, Wild Mushrooms, Mosquito Larvae & other things that will become more popular over time (if the Animal Rights activist don't run interference) such as the Xoloisncuitl (Mexican hairless dog) which is said to taste of Veal without the moral delima of caging a baby cow into an enclosure without room to move around etc.,

      3. I agree, the Lindt chili chocolate is really good. We have a great gelato shop here in town that makes an amazing chili chocolate gelato - not too sweet with a nice bite to it.

        1. i love these combos but haven't tried the Lindt yet. Even the cheaper ones i got at target in the US i liked, it was a chipotle variety. I fell in love with these flavours after a jalapeno truffle i had maybe a year or so ago. I recently had a white pepper and cardamom bar that was wonderful but i can't remember the brand now (there was also a garam masala and a pink peppercorn variety). In my snack cupboard I have a chili peanut brittle which is also verrryyy good (and a chocolate bar with fleur de sel from the same producer).

          not of the chili variety, but i had the cocoa camino bar with matcha the other day....nice dark chocolate , but i didn't find that the matcha flavour was noticeable.

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          1. re: im_nomad

            So where does this chili peanut brittle come from? Is it the Senor Murphy variety, or someone else's?

            1. re: Steve Green

              I don't know what im nomad has, but I have some great "fiery beer brittle" from Anette's in Napa.

          2. I've been meaning to buy a bar, but the last time I was at the Lindt store I was buying Christmas gifts for family so I didn't think it appropriate to indulge myself. The Vosges bar with guajillos and pasillas sounds excellent, although probably twice as expensive as the Lindt. I've tried the milk chocolate Vosges with coconut and curry and I was surprised at how well I liked it.

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            1. re: Agent Orange

              My favorites from Vosges are the bacon bar (naturally) & the Creole bar with chicory...oh, & the one with wasabi, & the white chocolate (I know, I know) with Kalamatas. I guess I'm kind of a Vosges whore. I haven't tried the one you mention, guess it's time...


              1. re: Agent Orange

                I am hooked on the Vosges milk chocolate with coconut and curry--I thought I no longer liked milk chocolate until I tried it. I have a theory that anything tastes good with the liberal addition of curry. . .

                1. re: mamaciita

                  Cocunut... good. Curry... good. Beans... good

                  Coconut Curried Beans... good.

              2. i haven't had the lindt, but san diego-based chuao chocolatier does a great "spicy maya" dark chocolate with pasilla & cayenne. it's available at WFM [at least it is here in cali], and definitely worth trying.

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                1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                  Wow! This bar is nice! It's twice the price of the Lindt, but is definitely more complex. I wish it has just a little more spice, though.