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Feb 12, 2008 11:15 AM

24 hours in HK

Hello Board,

My wife and I will be in HK for less than 24 hours on our way to Vietnam. I was wondering for some suggestions for our meals when we are there.

We will probably get settled into our hotel by 4:00pm, we are staying next to the peninsula on Kowloon and we fly out the next day at 3:00pm.

So I am looking for recommendation for late lunch, which street market with the best street food at night. Great place for noodles and the most important, Dim Sum for the next morning.

Let me know what you think.


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  1. HK isn't a very 'street food'-y place, in the way that places like Bangkok might be - but if you are desperate, head to the corner of Carnavon Road and Cameron Road, there's a decent sized one there selling fermented (aka stinky) tofu, curry fish balls, and all manner of processed food bobbing around in msg broth.
    For dimsum, right opposite the Peninsula is the HK cultural centre, inside on the 1/F is a restaurant called Serenade that's quite popular with locals and tourists alike - it has decent views across the harbour. If money is no object, the Chinese restaurant at the Pen is great.
    As for noodles, the most representative of HK would probably be either wonton noodles or beef brisket noodles. For wonton noodles, most people go to Mak's on Wellington St in Central (across the harbour from the Pen), though personally I head to the Mak's on Wing Kut St in Sheung Wan (hopefully the concierge at your hotel will be happy to help with maps and directions). For beef brisket noodles, my personal favourite is Lei Yuen on Lockhart Rd in Causeway Bay, right behind Sogo dept. store (also on Hong Kong side). All these places are short walks from MTR stations.
    Enjoy your stay!