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Feb 12, 2008 11:04 AM

Alternative to Pizzeria Mozza

Mom LOVES Pizzeria Mozza, but we cannot even get a late afternoon reservation for 5 people on a Saturday afternoon. Any suggestions for an alternative late lunch/early dinner similar to Mozza? We love AOC, Lucques, etc. Please help!!!

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  1. what does mom specifically like about the place - the pizza, pasta, sides, wine ? all of the above ? none of the above ?

      1. re: Diana

        What are the differences b/w the pizzas from Angeli and Mozza?

        1. re: mstinawu

          Angeli's sausage and onion vs. Mozza's sausage and onion.

          Mozza's has much more flavor, more magic. Angeli's sausage was much more like ground pork than sausage. Meh. I was very disappointed.

          1. re: jaykayen

            I'm not huge on sausage anyways. Topping are important though, but it's definitely the crust that makes the pizza for me. How is the crust at Angeli?

            1. re: mstinawu

              err, their bread is very good. crusty on the outside, with nice big air pockets on the inside. i guess it's the same dough they use for pizza.

              I may be biased, since I only had 1 pizza at Angeli.

              On the other hand, my bf's tagliata was quite delicious.

              Espresso was quite good.

              Bottle of wine was also good. Primo Voce, a Cab Sauv and Merlot blend, $40.

              Tiramisu was sent back to the kitchen on account of my bf declaring it sour.

              1. re: mstinawu

                The pizzas at Angeli are actually very good. I one day want to attempt the stuffed double crusted one. She is famous for her pizza crust, which she also serves bare as the bread and with olive oil and garlic. There are several pizzas, and usually a special one.

                Angeli also has amazing gnocci, just fabulous. I also have loved her amazing chicken. The salads are yummy, and the pastas and specials wonderful. Great desserts, too. She does wonderful seasonal dishes (the website is VERY behind-they sort of ignore updating it-wish they wouldn't!)

                Yes, her pizzas don't have the scope of odd toppings, but they have amazing flavor.

                On top of that, you'll get out of angeli having had a wonderful meal and not paid as much $$$$. Mozza is OVERPRICED.

                Angeli's staff is warm and wonderful...

                Give it a try!

                1. re: Diana

                  I would never say Pizzeria Mozza is over-priced. I think it's a great value for the quality offered.

                  1. re: whatsfordinner

                    just for the quality - it has amazing prices. i mean it's about the same cost as cpk and about 1000x better. calling it overpriced is just absurd.

                    and angeli's is about the same price - it's not much differnet.

                    1. re: dtud

                      I always get outta Angeli for far less, their prices ARE better and they take the KCRW fringe benefits card.

                      Mozza is definitely not priced like CPK, are you nuts?!

                      1. re: dtud

                        Totally agree. Mozza is amazing value for money.

                        1. re: friedegg67

                          Hum, I guess for some people dropping $100 for what is essentially a glorified pizza joint with ultra trendy ingredients for 3 people isn't a big deal, but I would consider it overpriced, even though I can afford it.

                          1. re: notmartha

                            You state what I meant much better than I did!

                            1. re: notmartha


                              i never leave there spending more than $50 (for 2). and usually less. the pizzas are about $10-15 and apps are $8; beers are around $5 and i'm not sure about wine - but seriously. it's not outrageous for a hyper-trendy restaurnat with amazingly cooked and innovated food. if you say otherwise - you're just gratuitously hating.

                              1. re: dtud

                                A pizza with tomato and mozzarella is $10. Theat's the only one. The top pizzas are $18. For that, you get about 4 to 5 slices-if that.

                                A plate of two thick slices of bread with oil and garlic (yes, flour, water, oil and garlic) is $3. That's the cheapest app. Salads are more. Some apps top $15..most are around $8-$12, and are below average in size.

                                "Main courses" are reasonable, but small.

                                Wines can easily top $50.

                                If you're drinking a $5 beer at mozza (still a rip off) it probably is moretti or the american equivalent, bud.

                                I like the food-it's pretty darn good, but seriusly, anyone getting out for $50 is leaving hungry. Or at least I would be. WE went and paid $120 for two and didn't seem to eat all that much. Spending $3 for a few pieces of Nancy's bread rubbed with a piece of garlic and toasted with oil is silly. I can buy a loaf of La Brea and use my own oil and garlic for less, and get the same thing.

                                The pizzas, I can't get exactly the same, but I can get different and really great pizzas with artisinal toppings and maybe a good salad and a WAY better beer down the street at Angeli.

                                More importantly, I can get a table within the week I call for a reservation!

                                1. re: dtud

                                  i have gone to mozza about 3 times. each time we get two apps, one beer, two glasses of wine, two pizzas and our bill comes to around $80 more or less. it is pricey. yes, it's nancy silverton and batali and with those two in the headline it's going not going to be cheap. mozza is expensive for what it is. minus the name you can get the same meal for probably $60 else where.

                                  1. re: Diana

                                    I don't find it difficult to eat there for $50 for two (not including wine). 1 pizza is usually around $15 (only a couple on the menu are more $$); 1 shared chopped salad=$15; one appetizer maybe $12; add the bread or white bean bruschette for a total of $50. I believe they have a policy of keeping all the wines on their list under $50. Several good wine choices around $35 (which is a fairly good price for any restaurant).
                                    (I'm a big fan of Angeli's too, but I think Pizzaria Mozza offers something different and is not that expensive unless one has a huge appetite. I never eat more than 2 pieces of pizza).

                                    1. re: archer

                                      it's true, Mozza is not Angeli and vice versa. Both are great, but they are distinct.

                                      but to reach your $50, you are not adding tax, tip, wine/beer/or soft drinks (as you said) and valet if there is no street parking.

                                      Also, sharing those dishes, which are sorta small in the first place, means the split food may not feed appetites. yes, Diana does wiegh all of 107 wet. When I eat out, I want to feel that I had a great meal. Part of that is not leaving hungry. Which, saldy, we did from Mozza.

                                      Let me put it this way-it was so good, I was angry at the price because I wanted to enjoy it more and more often!

                                  2. re: dtud

                                    I am sure I have a record of the exact cost in Quicken, but I remember it's $90+, then you add the parking, etc.

                                    Wine was $12. We had 1 app, 1 wine, 3 pizzas, dessert ($8?)

                                    So ($12+8+3*15+8)*1.25 (tax+ tip) = $91.25

                                    I have to agree with others about the egg pizza. The first time it was out of ballpark good, the second time for some reason they piled on the escarole and didn't put enough of the anchovy sauce, so it was bitter and bland. The sausage pizza was our favorite the second time around. I think Mozza suffered from not having the constant Batali supervision - because our most recent visit to Osteria had the pasta drowning in sauce...

                                    1. re: notmartha

                                      When I had it, it was good, but there was only a few shreds of limp greens. Not like the picture I saw in the LA times!

                      2. re: jaykayen

                        "Mozza's has much more flavor, more magic."

                        mine came sans "magic", that'd explain it.

                    2. re: Diana

                      Yeah Angeli is great if you're looking for mediocre fair and a resonable price. Diana honey putting Angeli in the same post as Mozza is absurd. I'd say it's one step above Norm's dinner.

                      1. re: murray26

                        Murray, I beg to differ. Angeli is far above Norms. (either that, or you find Norm's amazing)

                        What did you have when you were there last?

                        Also, I gotta say, were it not for Evan and Angeli opening up oh those years ago, Places like Mozza would not exist. Evan helped foster the revitalization of Italian beyond checkered table cloths and goopy sauces. She has been integral in teh LA food movement and the SLOW Food Movement.

                        1. re: Diana

                          a step above norms? that's going a bit far. they're not even in the same league. angeli is the place that converted me into liking bread pudding. the food there is homey and wonderful. she uses local seasonal vegetables when she can. sometimes the service can be a bit un even but overall their pizza and their food is really good. there's no hype nor is it fancy but it's about the food.

                          does norms use seasonal local vegetables? am i missing something?

                        2. re: murray26

                          One step above Norm's? Really? I might as well just retire my palate then because Angeli is one of the best Italian dinners I've had in a long, long time at any price. It may not be exactly to your liking, but few can deny that Evan Kleiman is a great chef who really knows her stuff, sticks to what's in season, and puts out a good variety of delicious food.

                      2. All Angelo, or Teronni might suit her. Angeli is also good.

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                        1. re: Ciao Bob

                          these three would be my recs in that area too.

                          farther west, i love pecorino and palmeri both on san vicente. and, of course, in santa monica, via veneto.

                        2. You might also try Osteria La Buca.

                          1. You could try calling shortly before you want to come--it worked for us--or just show up & see whether they can fit you in.

                            Angeli Caffe would be very nice as well.