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Feb 12, 2008 11:00 AM

Recos - nr Broadway/49th

No one knows good food like New Yorkers, so please can you share your favorites?

By nearby mean a short cab ride but would love to find a comfortable spot in walking distance too.

I will be in town for eight days on a tv shoot. Going to be long days and nights, so the hours for eating out may be odd, likely some solo dinners and late night dining. For the solo meals, don't care about atmosphere if the food is good.

Will be entertaining a few friends once or twice and for this would like someplace with good food and service. Any recommendations nearby in the following categories:

Has anyone tried Serafina at the Time Hotel? (where I will be staying)

Chinese - especially dimsum
Great burgers
British or Irish or US pubs - quality ales, darts a plus
Lunch spots - delis, etc.

Many thanks!

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  1. Hm. Burgers are easy: you're within easy walking distance of Burger Joint (at the Parker Meridien). I'm not much for British or Irish pubs, but BXL Bar is a great Belgian bar (with good food) on 43rd near 7th. I'll be damned if I ever work hours long enough that I have to be here for breakfast. Italian: there are a bunch of options nearby, but two I like are Cara Mia for more traditional neighborhood-type place and Insieme for more upscale and modern. Lunch spots: check out for the run-down on carts and holes-in-the-wall, as there are a bunch of good ones but thousands of bad ones; I'd go with Cafe Duke for a standby all-encompassing midtown lunch place. Chinese: no idea, except that Men Kui Tei has amazing ramen (not really Chinese, but same general part of the world).

    For food field trips, a quick walk up to the Time Warner Center brings Bouchon Bakery into play, as well as any number of $$$$$-but-good more formal places. And an equally quick walk west to 9th avenue puts you in midtown-foodie paradise.

    Serafina, incidentally, is perfectly acceptable if it's raining and you don't want to go anywhere, but I wouldn't choose it willingly.

    1. This is my hood so I've got lots of experience with the grub. Find the websites or check out for more details. Also search this board for comments.

      -Breakfast: Le Pain Quotidien--midpriced, great baked goods, breakfast foods & sandwiches (58th & 7); Vynl--mid-priced, good comfort food breakfast (9th/50 & 51); Sarabeth's---upscale, great juices, pancakes, lox; (40 Central Park West/5th & 6th); apparently Petrossian Cafe has one of best croissants in city but sell out fast (7th/57th & 58th)
      -Italian: ViceVersa (51st/8th & 9) or Trattoria Trecolori (47th/8 & Brdwy)
      -Chinese: not dimsum but Wu Liang Ye is excellent--really high quality vs. typical chinese rests & they deliver (48th/5&6)
      -Burgers: haven't had it but heard db Bistro Moderne's burger excellent but REALLY pricey (standard: $35...and that's w/out truffles) (44th/5&6)
      -Pubs: would go downtown for any barhopping; Ginger Man---extensive beer selection, Puck Fair & Swift--Irish pubs; if must stay in hood, Scruffy Duffy's good sports bar, The Snug has darts; would stop in at Russian Vodka Room for infused vodkas (52nd/8 &brdwy)

      When in doubt, head to 9th Avenue. Great mix of everything. And there's always Whole Foods at Time Warner Center.