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Feb 12, 2008 10:58 AM

Best Muffins

Had a muffin this morning from Fresh & Wild on Spadina. It was really good. Very big and fresh. It had squash (or maybe pumpkin) in it, along with nuts and cinnamon...all kinds of good stuff! Definitely worth the $1.50. I think they bake it on the premises.

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  1. The ones at Whole Foods are good, too, and they're not obscenely large.

    Oh, and the Loblaws muffins (the ones they bake fresh at their take-out café) are fantastic, if completely unhealthy.

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    1. re: piccola

      I agree with 'piccola'...Loblaws muffins are pretty hard to beat and when they bring out a fresh batch from the oven (which is frequently while I'm shopping) they are amazing, I particularly like their very plain but awesome 'corn muffins'.....Corn Muffins are not as popular as some, so many 'muffin places' don't make them, I know Tim''s does but they aren't as good as Loblaws.

      1. re: pearlD

        Loblaws muffins are DELICIOUS. But I'm sure are so bad for you. Doesn't matter though. I'll take any one of them.. blueberry, carrot, bran... yummmmmm


        1. re: wontonfm

          Too funny, as I was reading the original post I started thinking about the fantastic muffin I had at Loblaws, then I started reading everyones posts and realized I was not alone. I had some type of apple crumble muffin, it had big chunks of apple in it. I wolfed in down and was hoping my SO didn't want all his, so that I could have more.

          1. re: camp1980

            I'm a fan of the oatmeal-raisin ones. They have a crispy top, just like a cookie.

            1. re: camp1980

              I didn't realize that Loblaws muffins were a guilty pleasure for others. If I weren't temporarily vegan I'd get one tomorrow!


        2. re: piccola

          By "completely unhealthy" Loblaws muffins I assume you mean "fat bombs" since they are very definitely that.

          I like the sweet potato muffins from Robert & Julia Procacki at the St Lawrence Farmers Market. The cranberry walnut is my personal fave.

          1. re: Googs

            They are fat bombs. Which is why I only eat half (50 percent less fat!)

        3. ahhh i'd have to go with timmy ho's just because they're sooooooo fresh during the mad rush.. where else are they superfresh??

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          1. re: halugii

            Really? I find the Tim Horton's muffins have a strong artificial chemical taste to them.

            I find that Richtree (or whatever it's called now) has amazing, huge, home baked and natural tasting muffins. Some of my favourites for sure!

            1. re: vorpal

              i find they have that artificial taste too, especially with the ones with the goo. i'm just a real sucker for hot, freshly baked things

              1. re: halugii

                Hmmm... maybe things have changed? At least the one I used to go to in Ottawa tasted completely natural to me. I wouldn't be surprised if they now get their muffin mix premade since they changed ownership.

                While I'm a huge muffin fan, I haven't been buying them from bakeries lately since I found this absolutely heavenly recipe here on Chowhound:

                1. re: vorpal

                  Hey vorpal, thanks for the tip. These sound really great and I love too bake so I am really looking forward to giving this one a try. Nothing beats a home baked muffin and I love when they turn out just right - nice and high!!

          2. I've always been a fan of Daniel et Daniel's muffins, especially the lemon curd. Mr Hoagy's office is near Fresh & Wild, I'll have to ask him to buy me a muffin for comparison.

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            1. re: hoagy294

              If you're buying the muffins at Fresh & Wild be sure to go early! They seem to get sold out by 10 am.

            2. Let us not forget Pusateri's....but I haven't had them in quite some time

              I adore their apple muffin, the carrot muffin, and in the autumn they had a pumpkin spice, if memory serves....delicious, definitely bad for you, and from what I remember a tad pricey at $2 a pop....but someone could correct me on this....

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              1. re: Lazar

                THE CARROT MUFFIN
                A lady I work with brings in carrot and other varieties of muffins to share with us and the Coffee Time location at Gerrard (Eastwood Ave.)& Coxwell Ave is where she buys them. Normally I wouldn't be recommending Coffee Time except that this particular store does a remarkable baking job on the muffins.

                1. re: fruglescot

                  Those coffee TIme muffins are some of the worst things for you to eat, they are at least.....30 grams of fat and full of filler and oil, hopefully we as a collective can pull together more ideas than Coffee Time or Tim Hortons.

                  1. re: City_West

                    I whole heartily agree City West. Healthy over tasty should always be your first concern. As i said I would NOT normally recommend Coffee Time ,however, there are exceptions to every rule and CT Eastwood and Coxwell is the exception when it comes to muffins.

                    1. re: fruglescot

                      I wasn't totally referring to health over taste, but a burger at McDonalds can taste good, but if there was a thread on here asking for a good burger, I'm not sure I would include it. Anyone can make something taste good if you don't care about what goes into it. Why not suggest places that make their own muffins as opposed to buy them from a massive food distributor in a pail or bought from a commercial bakery that bakes their muffins from a pail.

                      1. re: City_West

                        THE TASTE IS IN THE PUDDING
                        Of course I'm not suggesting ALL Coffee Time shops
                        The baker there at CT Coxwell must have a special touch because he makes the formula mix (not positive if they do use a prepackaged mix) taste exceptional. Much better than other CT locations. I guess you will just have to try one sometime, City West to see what I'm 'waxing' about.

              2. All the muffins at Wagamama (corner of King & Tecumseth) are super delicious...I'm partial to the carrot or the cranberry bran....if you're there when they open at 8am they are still hot. Yum.

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                1. re: thebutcher

                  personally i think the muffins and scones are the weakest items at wagamamma. the muffins are no more special than any from a standard mix.

                  i find all of the mini cookies to be supurb!