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Feb 12, 2008 10:45 AM

The Hall at the Palihouse? Any reviews?

Interested in trying out this new brasserie as early as tomorrow but would love to hear anyone's reports before committing. Anyone been?
The menu looks encouraging and it seems to be a nice looking space.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Went this evening. LOVED the atmosphere...very french. I wish I could have taken a tour of the rooms/hotel portion, but everything looked great downstairs and in the actual restaurant. The loungy area by the fireplace is a great place to pop in for a late afternoon/early evening drink...nice specialty cocktail menu. Decent wine list. The food was good: we had the Pissaladiere which was topped with caramelized onions, anchovies, capers, and black olives. Very flavorful and delicious. It was served with a tiny mixed green dining companion and I split it and we both could have easily had an entire one for ourselves. My DC ordered the roast chicken entree which, although I would never order chicken in a restaurant, was a great version of basic roasted chicken. Moist and full of flavor. I ordered the Brasserie Burger which came with delicious french fries. The burger itself was cooked perfectly to my specifications and was topped with (more) caramelized onions and an "herbed tomato," which I barely tasted. It was served on a large sesame seeded bun, which I ended up eating around. The burger itself had a nice meaty taste which was delicious. It didn't need any sauce or ketchup...stood perfectly on its own (and I love ketchup). We shared their chocolate cake for desert which ended up being almost like a cross between a pot de creme and one of those "molten chocolate" cakes. Good, but I would have loved more chocolate flavor and less richness. All in all, we enjoyed ourselves. I will definitely be going back because the food was good and it is right down the street from me. Curious to try some of the other offerings such as the crispy skate wing and their version of frisee aux lardons. Again, LOVED the atmosphere. won't be let down by the food.
    Link to their menu (a little different from what I saw on the menu tonight, but most of the items listed were on there):

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      thank you thank you for this!! got a reservation for tomorrow night but wasn't sure if i should stick with it as i haven't been able to find a thing online about it in terms of revews.
      is there a specific section of the restaurant you recommend i ask to sit at?

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        Hi Bruinike...there is really one area that they are using right now if you are having dinner, which is the dining room proper. The only other option is the outside patio, which is probably kept closed because of the chilly weather we've been having. The rest of the downstairs area is the lounge/bar and I'm sure you can order bar snacks and appetizers there, but I'm not sure about the full menu. Ironically enough, I went back again last night because my friend is looking for a place to hold her b-day party and I wanted to show her the space. We ended up eating (of course)! I had a very fresh and delicious Pimm's Cup and got to try the Frisee aux Lardons. It was very good...not as good as Comme Ca's version, but I really loved the tangy dressing. I also had the Scallops and Short Ribs...not bad, but definitely not as good as the Brasserie Burger I had the evening prior! Enjoy your dinner there tomorrow night.

    2. With the LA Times Magazine article in tomorrow's, Sunday, March 2 LA Times featuring brassseries, specifically Comme Ca, Anisette (not open yet), and The Hall at Palihouse in West Hollywood, has anyone else been to The Hall. Going tonight, prior to the crush which will surely start tomorrow, yet looking for any other input beyond what has been provided already.
      Wanna read it?

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          Went on Saturday night, and must agree with nick r, I was quite impressed. First of all, the facility is sooooo nicely done, and since the restaurant is actually below street level and has no street visibility or access, it is devoid of all exterior noises. Now when the courtyard opens, weather permitting, that might change.
          But the food/menu are a very good cross-section of brasserie favorites. We opened with an eggplant crostini appetizer which was eaten along with the very tasty yet gratis olives already on the table and a glass of Bandol from the bottle we selected from a fairly well-thought out wine list ($61).
          Entrees were the pork chop and the scallops atop short rib, accompanied by a side order of brasserie fries. All very good. I had to try the scallops/short rib item as it just sounded like something unusual, yet was so good in a different kind of way, and besides, I had had a pork chop the night before!!!
          The lemon tarte and pear cobbler were both delicious and very healthy servings, and worthy of splitting if so desired.
          Entrees are in the mid-high $20s, desserts as I remember are $7 or 8.
          All in all, a very nice experience, and one I will be repeating in two weeks as reservations were made that night.

      1. This is going to sound like a shill post, but...

        Went there Friday night and was really, really impressed. We went with salads and small plates for a late dinner, just hoping for reasonably tasty food to accompany good booze, so we were pleasantly surprised to see the amazing attention to detail in even the smallest things -- like the roasted cauliflower that turned out to have currants and pine nuts; the salad only described as "mixed greens" that had amazing dressing, sliced fennel, and blood orange; and the cheese tray with a perfect assortment of bread and garnishes.

        Drinks were outstanding too. They even put the recipes on the menu -- nice touch. And the desserts were perfect, Sherry Yard-caliber (we had chocolate mousse cake and pear cobbler). There was only one waitress serving the dining room we were in, but she never left us alone for too long and was always very pleasant. Highly recommended.