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small plate / tapas

Looking for a recommendation on a small plate / tapas restaurant. considering Stanton Social - I've been and would enjoy going back - but was wondering if anybody had another suggestion(s) for a small plate or tapas mid-week dinner. Am also considering the bar at the MOMA - which I love - but again, am also excited to try something new.

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  1. Have you tried Alta? It's quite a popular spot for small plates. If you're looking for the more Spanish type, Sala 19 and Boqueria are both good.

    1. I loved the small plates at Casa Mono but seats are difficult to get, must make reservation. I've never been but heard great things about Tia Pol (tapas).

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        Tia Pol is very good, but Casa Mono is heavenly. I haven't had much difficulty getting reservations if I've been willing to dine at 9:30 or perhaps a bit later.

      2. It's not Spanish, but I love sharing at Perbacco, very tasty dishes! Tia Pol is outstanding, you should definitely consider that...

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          casa mono and pamplona are good for small plates. Suba is not exactly small plates, but it might work. check out the website to decide

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            Based on my very recent trip to Pamplona, I would not recommend it, but I do love Casa Mono.

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            Sorry all but I've been to Casa Mono and I've been to Alta, I don't think either are as good as Tia Pol. Go to Tia Pol, it's very good, there may be a wait but it shouldn't be too bad in the middle of the week, I strongly recommend you try the chorizo and chocolate, it sounds odd but tastes AMAZING

          3. Never been to Pipa or Xunta, but they are recommended all the time too.

            I can vouch for Alta which is great. I loved it there...

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              I'll third Alta. I am completely addicted to their brussel sprouts.

            2. Inoteca along Rivington in the Lower East Side serves very good tapas-sized Italian dishes. Try the truffle egg toast if you go. The wine list is pretty good, too, and are reasonably priced.

              1. For tapas i'd hit up Xunta (1st ave between 10th and 11th)