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Feb 12, 2008 10:18 AM

small plate / tapas

Looking for a recommendation on a small plate / tapas restaurant. considering Stanton Social - I've been and would enjoy going back - but was wondering if anybody had another suggestion(s) for a small plate or tapas mid-week dinner. Am also considering the bar at the MOMA - which I love - but again, am also excited to try something new.

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  1. Have you tried Alta? It's quite a popular spot for small plates. If you're looking for the more Spanish type, Sala 19 and Boqueria are both good.

    1. I loved the small plates at Casa Mono but seats are difficult to get, must make reservation. I've never been but heard great things about Tia Pol (tapas).

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        Tia Pol is very good, but Casa Mono is heavenly. I haven't had much difficulty getting reservations if I've been willing to dine at 9:30 or perhaps a bit later.

      2. It's not Spanish, but I love sharing at Perbacco, very tasty dishes! Tia Pol is outstanding, you should definitely consider that...

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          casa mono and pamplona are good for small plates. Suba is not exactly small plates, but it might work. check out the website to decide

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            Based on my very recent trip to Pamplona, I would not recommend it, but I do love Casa Mono.

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            Sorry all but I've been to Casa Mono and I've been to Alta, I don't think either are as good as Tia Pol. Go to Tia Pol, it's very good, there may be a wait but it shouldn't be too bad in the middle of the week, I strongly recommend you try the chorizo and chocolate, it sounds odd but tastes AMAZING

          3. Never been to Pipa or Xunta, but they are recommended all the time too.

            I can vouch for Alta which is great. I loved it there...

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              I'll third Alta. I am completely addicted to their brussel sprouts.

            2. Inoteca along Rivington in the Lower East Side serves very good tapas-sized Italian dishes. Try the truffle egg toast if you go. The wine list is pretty good, too, and are reasonably priced.