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Feb 12, 2008 10:10 AM

Whole hazelnuts?

Anyone know where I can purchase whole hazelnuts in Manhattan or Brooklyn heights? Perhaps Sahadi's?

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  1. I usually buy them at Citarella (with the skins) or if I feel like splurging, Eli's (without the skins). Kalustyan's might have them as well.

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        You're welcome - I seem to recall, also, that there may have been a recent thread on buying nuts in Manhattan - maybe do a search for "title:nuts". Don't think I posted on it.

        1. re: MMRuth

          MMRuth, I found them at Kalustyan's. Thank you.

          I also learned something new. I had always seen "filberts" in the dry bins at Perelandra in Brooklyn Heights and thought, "Gee, those look a lot like hazelnuts." Am I the only one in the world who didn't know they are basically one and the same?

          In case there's one other person out there who's equally as in the dark, here's a little crash course in filberts and hazelnuts:

          1. re: yumyumyogi

            That's good to know, thanks, probably cheaper than where I buy them too!

    1. I have been able to find them at Trader Joe's in Queens. I assume the Manhattan location may have them as well. Probably cheaper, too!

      1. yeah, i usually get them at trader joe's on union sq.

        1. Def. Sahadi's and possibly that Perelandra organic market on Remsen (they have a bulk dry goods section in back).

          In Manhattan, check trader joes

          1. Hi. The Amish Market has an entire wall dedicated to nuts/dried fruits. There are a few in the city. The one I frequent is on 45th Street bet 2nd & 3rd Avenues. Even if you already found where to purchase your hazelnuts, I would strongly recommend visiting this Market. If you are as much a foodie as I am, you will love it.