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Feb 12, 2008 09:54 AM

valentine's dinner in tampa?

Hi, I was looking for a nice unique place for valentine's dinner in Tampa. Was interetested in something unique and nice and not too loud or busy.

Not interested in places like Maggionos, Berns or Ck's


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  1. Casa Ludovico
    (727) 784-7779
    1710 Us-19-Alt, Palm Harbor, FL

    This Italian restuarant is elegant, yet warm, with delicious food.

    Heard Pelagia Trattoria in Tampa is good and maybe Oystercatcher's, with it's newly revamped menu. Think we're going to try Spartaco Trattoria and see how it is.

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    1. re: cheddarcheese32

      Pelagia Trattoria is wonderful. We ate there last Valentine's Day

      1. re: rhnault

        Is there a dress code for Pelagia Trattoria?

        We are not the type to dress up all fancy just to eat.. otherwise the place looks great!

        1. re: baberswallet

          No jacket required or anything like that. Nice slacks and a shirt. If you go make sure to get their stuffed olives and the caesar fondue. The caesar splits nice for 2. If you like duck their duck is excellent.

          1. re: rhnault

            so polo and jeans will not suffice?

            1. re: baberswallet

              they wouldn't turn you away ; )
              You might feel more comfortable in slacks or khakis. Heck my husband has worn shorts to Ruth's Chris before (unfortunately lol). We are in Florida....

      2. re: cheddarcheese32

        Couldn't agree more re: Casa Ludovico. Went there last year for my husband's birthday. It was very romantic, and both the food and wine were excellent. I had a black pasta with crabmeat that was just as delicious as it was beautiful.

      3. The original comment has been removed
        1. Malios Prime downtown, Side Bern's Howard Ave, Mangroves Howard Ave.