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Exotic, blazingly hot sauce needed

I need a gift to send a potential client who loves hot sauces. The hotter the better. This guy prides himself on the heat he can handle.

I am willing to mail order this sort of thing, and would prefer to get something I can't find in the local megamart. I need something fairly unique.

Please share any brands or sites that you think might be helpful.


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  1. The current issue of Chile Pepper magazine has a cover story on hot sauces, and they are very good about telling you where they can be obtained.

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      OK, I have the issue in front of me now. The sauces that feature the bhut jolokias (AKA Naga, the recently crowned hottest pepper ever) include CaJohn's Naga-Sauras (a blend of savina and naga), CaJohn's Naga-Soreass (all naga), and Hell's Inferno Naga Bhut Jolokia.

      The cap-extract sauces include Dave's Insanity and Blair's After Death (both probably already known to your client), Original Juan's Da Bomb, Mad Dog 357, and Monty's Death Lizard.

    2. Try this one - ohmygod, I thought I had steam coming out of my ears after one tiny drop. It actually doesn't have a terrific flavor (IMO) since it's so, so hot. But here's a link..http://www.hotsauceshack.com/index.ph...

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        Jeez- pure cap and vinegar...somebody finally came up with the perfect product for these sorts of yahoos, didn't they?

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          It's perfect for the macho guy who can eat the spiciest things on earth. Nice to watch them turning red and tearing up after a taste of this stuff. My buddy owns a deli and loves to sell these guys bottles of spring water (at a nice mark-up) after they taste it. *G*

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            I don't doubt that, and I suppose we are all a 'yahoo' to somebody else (myself included). I certainly do love my hot sauces, but will (philosophically, I guess) draw the line at those products that contain pure capsaicin extract because it really does begin to become more of a macho-type thing rather than something that one is experiencing from a more culinary point of view. Anyway, that being said, your suggestion is probably just what the OP is looking for.

            One of my faves that doesn't pack an insignificant amount of heat, but still is suitable as a taco sauce (or whatever..) is the XXX version of the El Yucateco (not the gumby-green one, though I like that one as well.)

            ETA: it is called Salsa kutbil-ik de El Yucateco (I cross posted with currymouth below)

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              El Yucateco now has their smoked chipolte hot sauce, Great in bloody mary's and pizza

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                I was excited to get that one when I first saw it, but after a few times I found that it has a really cloying sweetness from added sugar that I don't really enjoy. It is stylistically similar to the Tobasco, which I find to be a superior product in this instance (too bad, because the El Yucateco products are normally very affordable as well as very good.)

                The granddaddy of chipotle sauces, though, is made by Bufalo. It has such a concentrated, rich flavor.

                These sauces, of course, are all about flavor rather than heat. Blair's makes a chipotle/habanero sauce called their basic 'Death" sauce that is hotter, and another favorite of mine. And then there are the "After Death" versions which have pure cap added...

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              Why on Earth would he sell them spring water? Duh...water and oil don't mix. If your story's true(hmm) your buddy should be selling them milk chugs and ice cream; unless he's a sadist.

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                It's true all right, and he sells them water since that's what they ask for (gasp for is more like it.) It's a deli catering to hispanics and a more macho bunch you never saw. They love to try to outdo each other in other ways, and the hot sauce just grew out of their posturing. My friend, the owner, was given a bottle of the Satan's Blood stuff and displayed the bottle behind the counter. Of course this led to some of the guys asking to taste it, since they can handle anything. I'm not defending my friend here - he just sells them what they ask for! He actually sells very nice hot plates of latin dishes at moderate prices, as well as killing them with this hot sauce!

        2. www.peppers.com

          Thousands of hot sauces for sale. Check out their "30 hottest sauces" list.

          1. Harissa from Haddouch. Specify hot. http://www.mustaphas.com/ Very flavorful Moroccan condiment

            1. My favorites when it comes to bottled hot sauces are: El Yucateco, Salsa kutbil-ik de'. from Mexico, Plenty of heat but plenty of taste also, and Matouks, Trinidadian pepper sauce. Not as hot as El Yucateco but again alot of taste.Now these are not what I would call "Gimmick" hotsauces, but actual seasonings that would compliment any spicy dish.

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                I have some of that El Ycateco, brought it back from Mexico. Great stuff and plenty hot. My favorite is from CaJohn's, HDH (Harold's Dangerously Hot) Sauce. Great flavor and lots of heat.

                1. re: chileheadmike

                  Must try that one, I .can take it hot but what's the sense unless it tastes good.

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                  Lutefisk Nynorsk Tyttebare Saus is a killer!

                  1. re: Passadumkeg

                    What is the heat rating of tyttebaer, aka lingonberry, saus? It may be good but I'll bet its not hot.

                      1. re: currymouth

                        I said killer, not hot. It was a joke for Skandaphones. Sorry

                          1. re: Passadumkeg

                            I was kidding too. I just enjoyed the search since New Norwegian is not one of my better languages but I had stayed at a Holiday Inn Express the night before last.

                    1. My husband likes King Cobra sauce http://www.hotsauceworld.com/hsw1415....
                      He received it as a gift and says it is very, very HOT but also has very good flavor. The bottle is very original.

                      1. The WSJ a couple weeks ago ran a story on bhut jolokia peppers, the spiciest chili in the world at 1M+ scoville units. They mentioned that a supplier is making hot sauce using these peppers and selling them for approximately $30 a bottle. Certainly can't beat the hottest chili in the world!

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                          Dave's Insanity Sauce private reserve is made from red savinnas.

                          then of course there's Blairs 16 million reserve



                        2. At some point on the Scovill it ceases to be hot sauce and becomes a food additive with
                          little flavor and only heat. This site seems interesting and it leads to this video.

                          1. I didn't see anyone mentioning "Mo Hotta Mo Betta". It's one of the older suppliers. http://www.mohotta.com/

                            1. I would put in a plug for Marie Sharp's, which is pretty much the Belizean national brand. They have varying heat levels, up to silly ones (e.g., "No Wimps Allowed"). The hot and fiery hot are quite good, very flavorful, but also packing a punch from habaneros; beyond that the heat drowns the subtleties. You can order online from various sites.


                              1. If you're looking for a "sauce" for a macho man, as opposed to one that's got a lot of flavor, the hottest I have ever encountered by far, among the 200+ that I've tried, is Endorphin Rush, which is sme sort of extracted capsaican . It is useful only for people who like to show how hot they can take it. Among crazy friends who pride themselves on their cast iron tongues, none could deal with more than a single drop. Dave's Insanity is really hot but has some flavor. My own favorite for when I want a bunch of heat with a lot of flavor, is Sunny Carribee Yellow.

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                                1. re: chazzerking

                                  Aha! This is exactly the crowd I was trying to describe in my post above. They're not looking for flavor - only for their "cast iron tongues"!

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                                    I am one of those people that pride themselves on having a cast iron tongue. Endorphin Rush took me down. Hard.

                                    1. re: joth68

                                      Growing up in a country where hot sauce was not a condiment but a way of life. I too went down the "Cast Iron" tongue path,and payed dearly. I spent my late teens well into my early twenties with a diminished sense of taste.I noticed that nothing, and I mean Nothing had enough taste for me. So I doused it in any hot sauce I could put my hands on. And finally after I realized I had basically numbed my senses, I cut out the heat , and within 3 months I was able to actually taste again. Moral to this story? Beware the heat, Luke........... Beware the heat.

                                      1. re: joth68

                                        I remember reading about a hot sauce for which the recommended tasting method was to dip a toothpick into the bottle, touch the toothpick to another surface, and then touch your tongue to that surface. Would that have been Endorphin Rush? Doesn't sound like a very practical condiment.

                                        1. re: Bob W

                                          Endorphin Rush would be one of those kind of sauces.

                                          What is scary is that Endorphin rush doesn't even top out as one of the hottest products available. The pure capsaicin sauces are up to 20x hotter. Of course they have to be labeled as "Food additives" not sauces.

                                    2. Inside the Los Angeles Farmers Market is a shop named 'Light My Fire' which sells hundreds of varieties of hot sauce. Unfortunately, their web site appears to be down so contact them by phone.

                                      Light My Fire
                                      6333 W 3rd St 230, Los Angeles, CA

                                      1. I'd go with a full compliment of all of the Tabasco pepper sauces. They are not the hottest, but offer a ton of variety, Garlic, Jalapeño, Chipotle, Habañero and Traditional. Maybe even throw in a bottle of their Spicy Soy Sauce. Go to: http://www.tabasco.com/tabasco_histor...


                                        1. I can recommed this place 3Gatos Fire and Rice:


                                          The guy who runs it knows his hot sauce. He can give you a recommendation.