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Feb 12, 2008 09:46 AM

Brandon Tokash

I, like you, miss him!

I had the good fortune to meet him in Tre Castagni ( on Mount Etna ) during the summer 2007 and we hit it off. We both have THE LOVE for great food and Wines, conversing with Brandon is like having Wikipedia next to you. He is affable, corteous, generous, and he is always sharing his experiences on sicilian soil. Now, i am in Vegas for a while i share his sins via e-mail and he overwhelmes me with lots of Pics ( food and wines ). Please come "Home "CHOWHOUND and share some more.

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  1. Lovely things to say though I'm sure I don't deserve all those kind words. The last time I was in Palermo with you I turned down what surely would have been a memorable meal and a bottle of incredible wine. I used the poorest of excuses that being I couldn't stay awake to enjoy the evening.

    Take care my friend, Un abbraccio