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Feb 12, 2008 09:36 AM

Dinner and drinks in Forest Hills

I'm open to the type of cuisine as long as there are a few vegetarian options. Something low key, not too pricey around $20 for entrees. A good spot for a 2nd date.

Any ideas for drinks afterwards? Also, low key.

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  1. DB Wine Bar on Metropolitan. Very nice, warm atmosphere and within your price range. Excellent for a date.

    1. go to Luciens, other wise known as Dirty Pierres. Continental avenue toward the LIRR (go under the el ) You will not be disappointed.Excellent mussels, steak sandwich on french bread with the best REAL fries. Known for their killer martini's ( BIG )
      it's a home away from home. (Nice and cozy too! )

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        I like Dirty Pierre's for a beer now and again but I'm not sure it's quite fitting for a 2nd date kind of place. It's a little rough around the edges. Also the OP wanted a few vegetarian options and while Dirty Pierre's is known for their mussels, it may or may not work for the date depending on what kind of "vegetarian" they are. My guess is a steak sandwich won't fit the bill.

        I second moymoy's recommendation for Danny Brown Wine Bar. This place is terrific - the food is fantastic and the atmosphere is warm and comfortable. Make a reservation if going at a prime time. For this type of restaurant (modern American cuisine, modern atmosphere), it's really only place like it in Forest Hills. Shame there aren't more, but I'm happy to support Danny Brown.

        As for drinks, eh, there's not many options. It's not a great area for bars at all - there are a few Irish bars nearby to Danny Brown's on Metropolitan but not sure that's the atmosphere you are looking for. Closer to the "middle" of Forest Hills is Jade in Station Square which feels a bit outdated with their Asian fusion vibe but it's a possibility.

        1. re: Artaine

          Dirty Pierre's is no date place. It's pretty small and dingy and the regulars are loud and only talk about sports... Wait until you guys are really together. That said, they have amazing burgers. Not that that's vegetarian

          I'd suggest Jade across the street, which has decent food that's not too expensive, a good cocktail list, and is sexy. And since it's Thai, it's gonna have vegetarian choices. Danny Brown is good, but I don't think they're in your price range.

          There are about 10 Italian places, which will have vegetarian options. I'd say La Terrazza or Pasta Del Giorno if you're near QB and Dee's or Luna Sur on Metropolitan. These aren't bars though.

          My last thought is Network Cafe, which has a bar up top and a lounge downstairs, but I don't know the menu well enough to vouch for the vegetarian-ness of it.

        2. I've got to give Danny Brown's a big third recommendation. The place is cozy, casual yet upscale, great food, great service and won't break the bank. You won't be sorry you went.

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