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Feb 12, 2008 09:19 AM

Frozen wild huckleberries? [SEA/Western WA]

So, this is a shot in the dark, since I imagine I'd know about such a source if it existed, but is there anywhere I could get a bunch of frozen wild huckleberries in a hurry? My boyfriend's making me dinner for Valentine's Day, and I want to make him a tart as my contribution. I have other fruit options, but huckleberries are special to us to the extent that he even calls me Huckleberry. Having the real thing would make the tart extra special. I'm willing to drive a little outside of Seattle to get them if you know a source.

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  1. Not quite huckleberries, but Trader Joes carries frozen 'wild boreal blueberries' (Quebec).

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      Yeah, I thought about that as a possibility, though we're pretty into local foods. I think my backup plan is to use the blueberries or blackberries in my freezer that I picked locally. I wish I'd thought to pick a bunch of huckleberries and freeze them!

    2. You might try calling Cascadia Farms. They sell their organic produce at grocery stores (frozen berries, yogurt, etc) but the actual farm and produce shack is located on the way to Marblemount (Hwy 20 I think) outside of Skagit County. While this might be too far for you it might be a good idea to call local berry sources around the area...

      1. Okay, I think I've solved my own problem. On a whim, I called Cafe Flora, where I've eaten (very delicious) meals involving huckleberries during non-huckleberry season. They were extremely nice and put me in touch with a mushroom farmer/forager. He still has some, and I'm driving up to Arlington after work to buy them.

        1. I would be interested in getting some berries from the mushroom forger in Arlington. Please email me name/phone number to

          1. He gave me his business card, so I think I can share the info. Really nice guy. His website is He's based out of Arlington, but does deliveries down in Seattle, and sometimes sells the mushrooms he cultivates and finds at Pike Place. I realized when I met him that I've bought really good shiitakes from him before. He'll be back at Pike Place on Sundays starting in April again, and I hope to buy more mushrooms and berries from him.

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              Another source for frozen huckleberries would be the fabulous guys at Foraged & Found. They are at both the University and the Ballard Farmer's markets. They have frozen & dried huckleberries all year and of course, fresh ones in late summer. gawd, I love huckleberries.