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Dec 5, 2001 09:40 PM

Farm Boy -- Sherman Oaks

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I am embarrassed that I have not yet mentioned this little gem located across from the entrance to Trader Joe's in Sherman Oaks (Hazeltine and Riverside Drive).

This is a wonderful little produce shop run by some lovely and accomodating Koreans that is a match for freshness and prices to the Beverly Hills farmer's market, which I regularly frequent.

This sweet little shop has impeccably fresh produce with a selection and variety that rivals most farmer's markets. (Okay, they don't have a dozen styles of blue, miniature potatoes, but they have all the standard stuff).

Their prices are great. Check them out.

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  1. They also have one next to the TJ's in Long Beach at PCH & 2nd (Marketplace).

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      Shannon Ambrose

      Is Farm Boy the name of the store? Do they have a website?