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Feb 12, 2008 09:07 AM

Lunchbox Laboratory

Does anyone know when the lunchbox laboratory is opening on 15th Avenue NW? I am anxiously awaiting.

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      1. re: bluedog67

        a lunchbox factory makes lunchboxes. A lunchbox laboratory makes food.

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      1. So...did they open? Has anyone gone? How is it?

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        1. re: akq

          My issue of Daily Candy says shooting for Sunday to open.

            1. re: staffstuff

     It's an email newsletter that comes out 1x a day with "what's hot/new". There's a Seattle edition, everything that is published in it is local (new boutiques, restaurants, services etc.) It's free. There is the occasional 'dedicated email' which is a paid ad, but otherwise, it's the editor's choice on what goes into each edition.

          1. re: akq

            A friend and I went to the Lunchbox Laboratory last weekend and it was excellent. The space is very cramped, the HVAC blows cold air on you inside and the menu (on large chalkboards) is difficult to see, which are the only three drawbacks to this place. In the summer when it's warm enough to sit outside on the picnic tables, this place will be killer.

            I had the "Juicy Lucy" burger (100% beef stuffed with Jack cheese). Other burgers include lamb, just beef, turducken, etc. You get a choice of sauces (they have a bunch). I got basil aoili on the burger (a great pesto aoili) and sides of several different spicy catsups. They have a meal deal with a burger, choice of side and a drink for $12, otherwise the burgers are $8-9 each, plus extra for cheese and other toppings. I got mac & cheese for my side and OMG was it good. 4 cheeses (I think) including crumbled blue on top.

            My friend got the kielbasa corndog. Wow. The masa was perfect - light, crunchy fried, and the dog was tasty with just a little spice. It was served with a mustard aoili and a sweet BBQ sauce (too sweet for my taste). he got tatter tots for his side dish, which come with either garlic or bacon salt. We got bacon salt (subtle) and they were great with the sauces.

            So the burgers, sides (skinny fries, thick fries, onion rings, tatter tots, mac & cheese...) are always on, and then they have several daily specials. Over the weekend their specials included meatloaf, cheese steak, the sloppy scott (I really wanted to try this one!), the kielbasa corndog, a killer tunamelt, etc. YUM. Everyone was very nice.

            Oh, actually there's one other drawback (well, I guess it depends on the person) - they have some odd sodas to choose from, but not the standard regular/diet coke/pepsi and I don't think they have iced tea. They serve the sodas in bottles, some of which are quite small...

            1. re: akq

              the 'odd' soda choice is b/c they only serve drinks made with cane sugar - no corn syrup or high fructose. So even the branded soda (Dr. Pepper maybe?) is imported from Dublin.

              I quite enjoyed the lamb burger. The beef burgers were moist and juicy. My husband did not like the buns. Loved the shoe-string onion "straws". Fries were ok. We ate on the road, so it deserves a second try to acheive a spot on our permanent rotation. I have to say I probably won't be eating in. Despite the really cool vintage decor, it is not only cramped as mentioned, it is pretty dingy. They have outdoor tables, but eating along 15th will be only slightly better than roadside on 99.

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            1. Look up Nancy Leson's recent full story on the Seattle Times web site on this place. It is run by the former chef at Fork.