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Feb 12, 2008 09:05 AM

Visiting SF with infant -- great dining recs?

I will be in SF this weekend with my sister and her six week old baby. They're pretty transportable at that age but I don't want to draw too many stares. Maybe dining at off hours? Was hoping to try the Slanted Door and Coi but having been to neither not sure how the baby will go over. Any ideas or other suggestions?

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  1. I know that Luella in Russian Hill has a family friendly night on Sundays...not sure you'll be in town then, but you may want to check that out. Other than that, I would definitely reccomend dining on off hours. I love kids personally, but I know that San Francisco is not a very baby friendly town.

    1. Haven't been to Coi but I think the servers at the Slanted Door would be very welcoming to a baby, though it can be a little noisy for a particularly sensitive infant. Really, I can't think of many places in SF where you would feel unwelcome with a tiny infant -- a restless four-year-old could be more difficult.

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        Nina,I can, Balboa Cafe. Refused service with strollered baby. Haven't been back. Of course the kid is now 32 but I really hold a grudge.

      2. There was a long thread a while back about high-end dining with a baby in a stroller -- when she reported back, Slanted Door was one of the ones she named as being a good experience. Here's the thread:

        1. I would definitely avoid Coi on a with-baby outing. Aside from my feelings about the food (which I've posted about in the past), the dining room is quite cave-like and can have a very hushed atmosphere. Any fussing would definitely draw the ire of other patrons... at 6 weeks, it's pretty impossible to predict.

          Slanted Door is much more boisterous, and it's also easier to slip out temporarily if need be. Would be more baby friendly, me thinks... unless the baby gets spooked by too much noise.

          Also, while not on your list, I will say that each time (and I've been there a lot) I've been to SPQR for brunch on the weekends, I, 1) haven't had to wait, and 2) have noticed many, many babies. In fact, it seems a bit of a baby magnet in the neighborhood. The food is great, and you certainly won't be out of place.

          1. Slanted Door would be great, I've been there with kids of various ages a few times and it's always pretty easy, partly because there are lots of doors and it's so noisy, so any fuss from the baby isn't a big deal. Zuni would also work, especially if you go on the early side, since it can get noisy there too.