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need some help in long beach

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hi all,

i'll be in long beach mid-march for a trade show. i'm staying at the hyatt regency (200 s pine av). i will not have a car, but don't mind walking up to a mile (sorry, but i don't know anything about the lb area; is it safe to walk [especially after dark]? is there good public transportation/cab availability?) . i need some suggestions for a couple of business-casual places on an expense account, as well as some more downscale eateries/bars where i can unwind after a long day at the show. any and all cuisines are welcome.

i've perused the board, and found a few places that look interesting, but most of the activity on the threads i found is a year or so old, so i wanted to solicit some updated info. 555 & the greenfield look like possibilities for the business dinners. enrique's, king's fish house, george's greek & roscoe's have appeal for the nights i'll be on my own. any opinions/updates on these? any others you recommend?

breakfast & lunch will more than likely be at the hotel due to time constraints, but if there's anything good for breakfast very easily accessible to the hotel (like within a block or 2), i'd be interested in it.

thanks in advance,


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  1. Enriques- great choice, definitely the must do on your dinner alone list. George's is also reliable.
    For business dinner nights - consider Tracht's, mostly good/great reviews on this board.

    Cabs are fairly available. If you walk, stay within perimeter of George's to the North and 555 to the East. West and south of Hyatt are okay.

    1. Of the places you've mentioned, neither Green Field nor Enriques are accessible by walking.

      Georges would be very close by, as would Kings. You could walk east to Roscoe's (but I'd walk along Ocean, rather than Broadway). It does feel a bit sketchy when you get north of Ocean after dark.

      There's a Daily Grill in the World Trade Center at approx Ocean/Magnolia that would also be good for business account meals, lunch and dinner. You could definitely walk to that one.

      Check the red Passport bus routes that will get you up and down Ocean and even as far as Belmont Shore


      1. 555 is very good and accessible. Had our office Christmas party there. If you're into nightlife, the Mai Tai Bar and Bubba Gumps is close by the Hyatt. I forgot the name of the microbrewery on Ocean but I've been there only once. Greenfield's is quite far away but if you enjoy eating meat (all kinds of meat), that is the place to go. It's all you can eat Brazilian cuisine and quite popular.

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          That would be the aptly named Rock Bottom Brewery. It is very close to where you're staying, but I've never heard of anyone that really loves it.

          I like Yardhouse for the appetizers and circular bar, in Shoreline Village. It's the original location. Might be okay for lunch if you take the Passport.

          111 East Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802

          King's Fish House
          100 W Broadway Ste 1000, Long Beach, CA 90802

          Rock Bottom Rest & Brewery
          111 W Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802

          Yard House
          401 Shoreline Village Dr, Long Beach, CA 90802

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            Ate at Rockbottom Brewery once. Eminently forgettable.

        2. I second Tracht's. If you're dining alone, you might want to try the bar adjoining King's Fish House. I believe it's called the Crab Lounge (or something like that) and you can order from the restaurant's menu and watch a game (if you're so inclined) while you're eating. If you are interested in a sports bar, across the street from King's is Smooth's which is about as upscale as a sports bar can be. (Calling it a sports bar is misleading--it's more like a restaurant with lots of tv screens). The food is pretty good but be prepared to be upscale prices (hence losing the sports bar tag). Another option would be Parker's Lighthouse, a venerable fish house located at nearby Shoreline Village (walking distance from the Hyatt).

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            A great bar in that area is The House of Hayden, no food served there but great martinis and an eclectic crowd. The bar used to be a wedding chapel till the owner Dave Hayden transformed it into a bar. Great jukebox as well.

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              I love the House of Hayden. Again, no food, no special drinks but the bar is something to see. If you want to see an unusual decor with an unbelievable attention to detail give it a try. Oh, the beer is cheap too.

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                I wasn't going to reply with my usual H of H hit but since wilp has let put in another vote. When first entering the place it looks like just another Long Beach dive but upon further inspection you realize that Dave Hayden keeps this place spotless. Very eclectic jukebox selection and though I don't drink them myself I hear that Dave makes a great martini.

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              A third vote for Tracht's. It would fit into the business casual category. Their food is excellent. The purple Japanese yams are a must and everything else I've had there from fish to meat to coq au vin has been great. Be aware that their service, while sincere and well-intentioned, can be a bit lacking.

            3. thanks for all the quick feedback (especially regarding the not-so-germane-to-food walkability/public transport info). i'm really looking forward to my trip out there!

              a few questions regarding the responses thus far:

              daily grill appears to be a chain (which is not necessarily a bad thing), and it gets pretty mixed reviews on the "chains" board. can anybody say if the long beach location is one of the better ones?

              a quick search revealed fairly good reviews for tracht's, but several mention service issues. most of the posts are also at least a few months old. have the service issues been remedied?

              from the post above & others, i gather i should skip the food at the rock bottom brewery. but, how's the beer? i seem to recall reading that the brewery is in a good location (nice view), and it might be a good place to either start or end an evening assuming the brews are good.

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                Actually the better brewery with the better view is the Belmont brewery located at 25 - 39 Place in Long Beach it would be a short 5 min ride on the A or D shuttle going east or a very pleasant 30 min walk along the beach.

                1. re: mark

                  That Daily Grill is fine for business lunch or dinner. It caters to the convention crowd. Basic grilled dishes are no problem.

                  The Rock Bottom Brewery has a patio on the street level inland side of Ocean Blvd, a rather busy main street. I don't recall it having any sort of "nice view" walking from that side of Ocean.

                  The better view/atmosphere is at the Yardhouse which is in the marina.

                2. Long Beach isn't as bad as it used to be. They've cleaned up their act from the old NuPike days. We'll be there in April when the Long Beach Grand Prix is scheduled as so will thousands of other race fans.
                  There's a lot of good places within walking distance from the convention center if you look hard enough. Strolling around is pretty safe especially near the oceanfront. Most of the newer establishments are beginning to target the younger yuppie set. You'll have a blast.

                  1. DO NOT walk to Roscoe's from the Hyatt. It's too far anyway and dangerous. I know people rave about Enrique's on this board, and for fresh guac and chips it great. Everything else is just a little too fancy for mexican food for me. Although a chain, I can't deny my love for Yard House... especially the poke stack appetizer, clam chowder and chicken/tofu lettuce wraps. I like King's but the service can be spotty. Stick with the basics (calamari, lobster, fresh fish) and you will be happy there. Don't forget the blood orange martini, to die for. Gladstone's is overrated, but the fish & chips is really golden and good there. And I'm sure I'll be crucified for this, but PF Chang's is right there at The Pike also... gotta love that lemon pepper shrimp. Enjoy your stay... for more ideas for Long Beach check out my blog... www.thatgirlcaneat.blogspot.com

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                      Roscoe's is NOT a long walk from the Hyatt, and it's not dangerous.

                      Yard House is a local "chain", and isn't the Shoreline Village branch the first? Even if not, it has the largest on-tap beer selection, and the food is just fine.

                      I absolutely disagree with any good words for Gladstone's-- other than the location, the place is horrible.

                      Enrique's is an awesome restaurant-- and I don't consider it "fancy" at all. It has the Cal-Mex stuff most people expect, but the best stuff is the Guadalajaran specialties, and Guadalajara is a pretty classy town, so I'd call the food "classy" and "incredibly delicious".

                      Someone bring the cross and nails-- PF CHANG'S?!?!? Chain mediocrity with a lovely room and hopping bar. Go for the drinks, and that's it. Turn in your Chowhound card.

                      1. re: rjw_lgb_ca

                        Well I guess Chowhound won't let me retort as I wish... but I stand by my recommendations. The poster needed recs in a specific area, and that's what I gave. The chain snobbery on this site... so cliche.

                        1. re: Oh Robin

                          But I think when somebody is looking for recommendations from this board, they're probably looking for something unique, where the locals would go. That's what I use chowhound for. If I wanted a list of chain restaurants, I'd just use yellowpages.com (which I've also done too).

                          1. re: mdlb

                            The poster needed recs in a specific area and stated he had no car. If I was staying at the Hyatt and had to walk everywhere, my recs make perfect sense. I'm a NATIVE, and if mark had use of a car I would have recommended:

                            The Potholder
                            Bake & Broil
                            Thai Basil
                            Golden Eagle
                            Magic Lamp
                            Buona Gente
                            Le Creperie

                            TO NAME A FEW. But I'll tell you, on a nice Saturday afternoon I always choose Yard House. Gorgeous view, great service and delicious food, chain or not. Using the yellow pages wouldn't give you area specific recommendations, but thanks for your two cents.

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                          OP survived the walk to Roscoe's intact and enjoyed. See below.

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                            More power to him... I wouldn't walk five feet for those rubbery waffles and soggy chicken.

                      2. well, as is my wont, too much research & not enough time...

                        i actually got in early my first day & took the opportunity to stretch my legs a bit & walk over to roscoe's. good stuff. thoroughly enjoyed the fried chicken & waffles. the eclectic crowd was fun, too.

                        otherwise, i spent my time being the wine-&-dine-ee rather than -er (with not so stellar results, but i shouldn't be ungrateful in this forum), so i didn't get an opportunity to try anything else out personally. my research did come in handy for recommendations to other attendees, who reported back with positive results.

                        thanks for your help, & i regret not getting more opportunity to explore your area.

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                          I'd like to know the places that weren't so stellar, just for future reference and recommendations.