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Feb 12, 2008 08:44 AM

Morimoto any good?

I have dinner reservations for this Friday and was wondering if it's still a good place to check out. What are some dishes I should try?

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  1. try the tuna pizza, kobe carpaccio, foie gras chawan mushi, ishi yaki buri bop, and all their sushi and sashimi. if it's just two of you, try to get seats at the sushi bar.

    1. In all honestly, I find the food pretty mediocre for this price point -- though the toilets are the coolest in town!

      I have not tried the omakase.

      1. The Kobe Carpaccio was very good, which my BF and i got complementary from the restaurant for not seating us until 1 hr after our reservation. The fish was all above average but not the best (considering the price)

        1. For me, the omakase was a bit wasted because there were too many courses of the same flavoring: ginger with scallion and sweetish soysauce. Gets old for my Asian palate. I agree the tuna pizza was good, though. There are obviously other dishes that are good, too. I just can't afford to go back for a while.
          It is a great space to eat in, though, the design by Ando is quite soothing and comfortable.

          1. i actually like morimoto, but i think you need to know what to order. I think you need to stick with the appetizers, i generally think thats the case at any of these fusion trendy places, i think morimoto's is the only fusion trendy place i ever go to without being dragged to (generally i loathe "fusion asian" b/c all that usually means is that its toned down americanized versions of the dishes that are presented nicely in a trendy atmosphere and are usually way overpriced)

            sushi / sashmi - i'd generally avoid as its just decent nothing special (any of the great sushi restaurants in the city can give you substantially better sushi for the same price)

            main courses - i'd also generally stay away with the exception of the rib eye, which is quite tasty

            recommended appetizers:
            - tuna pizza - tasty, its on a flat crispy bread type thing with pieces of tuna and some type of vegetable which is escaping my mind right now, drizzled with a semi creamy sauce
            - rock shrimp tempura - these are pretty good, one in a spicy chili sauce and the other in a wasabi sauce
            - kobe and lamb carpaccio - i like both of these
            - spicy king crab leg - the meat has been cooked and is covered in a spicy mayo sauce, these are good

            this is usually what i get and i round it out with something else like the rib eye or something if there are more people.

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              my husband and I were in NYC early this month. Dinner at Morimoto is high on our list of things to do. We had a great dinning experience. The omakase was 8 courses. Spectacular, original, delicious, great presentation and filling. The aged 6 years sake is very good. I like the entrance with the flying red banners on that windy evening and thought the automatic glass doors showcase the front of the restaurant very well. Best toilet seats I have ever sat on in any high end restaurants. The hollogram view of season changing maple leafs tree in each stall is breadthtaking. The water closet door is neither push or pull, it slides. Had our pictures taken with Morimoto. I am looking forward to go back again. oh, service is excellent. Staff is very friendly and funny.