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Feb 12, 2008 08:40 AM

What to serve with braised pork belly?

Hello fellow Chowhounders! I'm making braised pork belly as a special Valentine's day meal for my boyfriend. I'm having trouble coming up with something to pair it with. I was thinking of a sunchoke puree, but I'm afraid the plate will lack color.
Does anyone out there have any brilliant suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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  1. You're probably going to want to serve a bitter green (eg. dandelion, kale) to counterpoint the richness of the pork belly.

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    1. re: Miss Needle

      That's what I was thinking...brilliant. Thanks!

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        in a similar vein - last time I had pork belly was at a Vietnamese restaurant and it was perfect with a very light, herb-y, crunchy, tart salad.

        1. re: jvozoff

          Tart is the other important variable in the dish. With something as unctuous as pork belly, I think it's important to have something acidic to cut through the fat. If not in the dressing for the greens, at least in the wine.

      2. Looking for colour? Braised Beetroot and quick pickle/salad of carrots and cucumbers and daikon if you doing the pork with Asian flavours.

        1. I would simply blanch some broccoli rabe or broccoli di ciccio ahead of time and heat up in the oven, sprinkle with good salt and drizzle with olive oil. You want something bitter and somewhat plain to complement the richness of the pork belly, and the color combination will be attractive on the plate.

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            I read somewhere that I can't remember that there is an asian green that is equivalent to broccoli rabe. Would you happen to know anything about that?

            1. re: WCchopper

              I buy an asian green that looks like broccoli rabe and tastes like it. It is a very common green sold at Chinese markets.

                1. re: Deborah

                  Sounds like gai lan (or kai-lan)

            2. I am making Frank Stitt's Pork on Pork this weekend, great cold weather food. It is pork belly and pork shoulder braised together and served up with a bourbon sauce. I am making creamy grits and roasted vegetables to go with it.

              1. Few things go as well with pork as roasted or baked sweet potatoes. Simply bake the potatoes, then mash with some butter and a little pepper. With the greens you'll have a perfect winter meal, in this Southerner's opinion.

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                  I cube sweet potato and saute with a little onion, add 1 T dijon, 1T honey and 1 cup chicken broth and cook until soft. Remove from pan and boil down sauce to a syrup. Puree the sweet potato with the syrup and I serve the puree over sauteed greens.....delicious!