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Dec 5, 2001 06:07 PM


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//I find it really sad and stupendously unexpected that our community (except for 86 of us) has made this resoundingly clear choice.//
Check again. Maybe there's hanging chads.

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  1. LOL

    Actually, I'm so flabbergasted that I keep raking through my email receipts, through the storefront software, figuring there's just GOT to be a huge motherlode of unaccounted-for orders somewhere. It's part of a denial reaction, but the truth is starting to sink in. This is just really what happened. We'll take the last of a series of baths.


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    1. re: Jim Leff
      michael (mea culpa)

      You may be naked, but at least you'll be clean.
      Seriously, 86 is overall or just LA or what?

        1. re: Jim Leff
          michael (mea culpa)

          Wow! How can that be? Is really just you, Pat, Melanie, Robin, Simon (I've often suspected that Howler was just his alter ego), Carolyn, Lynne and a few others using 50 screen names each? I don't get it.
          I have to say your server seems slower today. Maybe there's a bunch of orders stuck in the pipeline (maybe the government is checking them for coded messages or biochem content). We can only hope.

          1. re: michael (mea culpa)

            Speaking of biochem content, have you tried the matzoh ball soup at Jerry's Deli?

            1. re: chris g.
              michael (mea culpa)

              As a deli, Jerry's runs a great bowling alley.

            2. re: michael (mea culpa)

              For every poster there are many, many lurkers who just read. And we have a LOT of posters.

              1. re: Jim Leff

                Why didn't you get an order from me right away?
                Because I looked at your subject line,
                "Awesome Great Chowhound Products/Gifts (SUPPORT
                THE SITE!) ", and assumed that
                you must be in good shape if you were adding
                merchandise etc. In other words your subject
                line communicated the opposite of the message
                you were trying to communicate, at least to me.
                It was only when I saw the later message titled
                "Chowhound in dire trouble-let's open our wallets!"
                that I understood the situation. I've now sent in
                some good will money to reflect some of the
                value I've gotten from (mostly) lurking on the site.

                1. re: Phil Agre

                  That's great feedback, Phil. Noted.

                  I hate to be a drag, y'know? I didn't want to make the chowmarket not FUN for people. I put the info on our financial situation on the intermediate page which pops up before you get to the chowmarket, figured that was enough, then let them go shop and have a blast.

                  I didn't want people going to shop with their tails between their legs, so to speak. I wanted them to order because it's great stuff (so many people spent so much time on it all...tsk), and because it would also, incidentally, support the site.

                  Obviously, I figured wrong. Should have led with The Problem. We can have "fun" if we're not pressed against the wall like a chicken tabacka.


                  1. re: Jim Leff

                    I am also a "lurker" who just ordered a subscription to the ChowNews. But, like Phil, I didn't even read the "product" posting. The situation only became clear in the later threads.

                    I first discovered the web site through the New Yorker article, and have been reading it avidly ever since. Please keep us posted on how many orders are coming in (especially for the LA news). Like others here, I care about what happens to this site, and will dig deeper into my pockets if necessary.

      1. I don't get it -- as a newbie, what are you talking about?

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        1. re: Renee
          michael (mea culpa)

          We're trying to find out if there really is a Santa Claus. Actually, I was trying to make light of Jim's post quoted below. Seems it takes money to run a big site like this one. So, give generously, or at least the $15.00.
          Have you subscribed to us, yet?

          Restaurants which are patronized survive. Those which aren't wither and die.

          Those lesser-known places where food is cooked from pride and love survive when enough people like us recognize their value and support them. But if we just come every day and take their free crackers and ketchup and use the rest room without once in a while buying something, we are ensuring their destruction even if we claim to really like them, even if we smile a cheery hello at the staff, even if we consider them an important part of our lives.

          If we just take the crackers and go down the block to Olive Garden for dinner, we've voted with our feet. has always been about making such choices very consciously and carefully. I find it really sad and stupendously unexpected that our community (except for 86 of us) has made this resoundingly clear choice.

          ciao //

          1. re: michael (mea culpa)

            "Seems it takes money to run a big site like this one. "

            forget the site, it takes money just to pay for the damned t-shirts and stuff, which I was led to believe people wanted (we'd been begged for years). We're not even close to paying our cost on that stuff. Not even CLOSE to "close".

            We were hoping to make a profit, and apply it to paying our $800 monthly server bill and make some badly-needed tech improvements.

            Instead, we're out thousands on top of our preexisting debt (of about $25K). We were hoping to make Chowhound support itself.

        2. It ain't over til it's over.

          The fat lady hasn't sang yet.

          Now that we know the seriousness of the situation, maybe we can take some action. There is no site like this anywhere. Think of all the fun times we have had checking places out, discussing them, even finding them. Think of all the fun times we will have in the future!!!!!Believe it or not, I am going to the post office in 5 minutes.