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Italian Dinner in Western Philly Suburbs

I'm heading to dinner on Friday night with my girlfriend, brother and his girlfriend. We live in the Manayunk and western Philly suburbs and are looking for a nice Italian dinner that won't break the bank. Any ideas?

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  1. This is a true conundrum!
    There isn't one great Italian restaurant anywhere is the areas you mentioned that I would feel comfortable suggesting.
    For just plain decent Italian restaurants in those areas I would suggest:
    San Pietro in Ardmore
    Fellini's in Ardmore (BYOB -- I was there last night.)
    Primavera Kitchen in Ardmore
    Positano in Ardmore (if it is still there)
    So it looks like Ardmore is it and they are only blocks from one another.
    (and they won't break the bank!)
    Finally, out on Route 30 in Berwyn there is the popular San Nicola restaurant.

    1. Pica's in Upper Darby and From The Boot in Lafayette Hill are two pretty good choices.

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        From the Boot is the way to go. It's cheap, awesome, and BYOB.

      2. Why not stay in Manayunk and have dinner at Il Tartufo? I've always had great meals there and it is reasonably priced.

        1. YES! I just found Cassellis on Ridge Pike and it is great. From Manayunk you just go straight up Green Lane and make a left onto Ridge. It's down on the left about 2/3 miles. They only take cash and no reservations. Here is a copy of my post about it:
          Thank you so much to those who recommended Casselli's on Ridge Pike. We just got back and it was the perfect neighborhood Italian-red sauce restaurant. The portions were huge, the food was very good, the prices were rock bottom, the atmosphere was relaxed, the service was attentive, and the singer was adorable. We will definitely be going back and it is now on my list of favorite places. $10 for my lasagna which included, bread, soup and salad is awesome, and I have leftovers for tomorrow because of the portion size. Thanks again!

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            MLT: That's a great call! Love that place and always forget to list it.

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              Thanks, I had forgotten about Casselli's. The food is good. When do they have a singer?

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                I believe that they said that they have a singer every night that they are open. I would call to confirm. The singer reminded me of the kind of lounge singer that you would see way off,off-the-strip at a Vegas Italian joint. Lots of Sinatra..... We loved him and it added so much to the mood of the place. He starts singing at 7pm. Also, their menu is on menupages.com. I love checking out menus before going to a restaurant.

            2. I also went to a place on ridge pike once in roxborough called PTR. It was pretty good. I'll second the suggestion of Il Tartufo though. I've enjoyed it the few times i've been there.

              1. How difficult would it be for you to hop on the R6 and come into center city. The trip is only 20 minutes,and you dont have to drive and you can drink all you want.If you get off at Market East, you have all of chinatown at your disposal. If you walk south, you have Jones, La Scala, W, La Buca, and others. If you get off at Suburban Station, the world is your oyster. You can walk to Osteria (maybe the BEST resturant today), eat at Mission Grille, walk over to Rittenhouse Square for Branzino, Cafe Casta Diva, Pasta la Baiai, and many many others. You can get off at 30th St and eat at Rae, or walk a block or two at eat at La Terrase, White Dog Cafe, Nan, or all the other places in University City. All it taks is a willingness to come into the city.

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                  I agree with you on coming into center city. However, I do believe Rae would "break the bank".

                2. Try Franco's in East Falls

                  1. Have you tried Totaro's on Hector Street in Conshohocken?

                    I remember when that place was a dive bar, back in the 1970s, but Andrew Totaro has moved it way upscale. Small, but very classy.


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                      The last time I ate at Totaro's (which was a few years ago) it was good, but it definitely would fall into the "break the bank" category the OP wanted to avoid. Have they lowered their prices?

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                        I didn't know they had gotten expensive. I don't live around there anymore, and only get down to the area every year or two.


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                          Much cheaper than Totaro's (but probably not as good) is Viggiano's (BYOB) in Conshy.

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                            You are right. Not in the same league. A good, cheaper alternative would be Andrew's brother's place, around the corner on Spring Mill Road: Trattoria Totaro. It is byob.

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                              I've eaten at Tarttoria Totaro a few times including one of their special "game" nights when they serve an assortment of wild game (boar, venison, quail, etc.). Very good food and very good prices.

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                                Tried Casselli's, probably won't go back. The waiter was great but the food very so so. My entree was a special of linguine with lump crab meat, artichokes, and leeks with a rose sauce. The entree came with sauce on only 1/4 of the entree, the rest very dry linguine. Should have asked for more sauce but was very disappointed in the meal. House dressing very sweet, not to my liking. I did however enjoy the complimentary marinated eggplant!