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Feb 12, 2008 07:56 AM

steak house near Pavillion theatre

I'm curious about the steak house near Circle's and the Pavillion Theatre in Windsor Terrace. The owners spent so long renovating the space and it always seems to be empty. Also, there's the brick oven pizza place Enzo's I think, that's been in the works forever. Anyone know the story there?

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  1. Enzo's should be open tonight (the 12th), they were open the a couple of nights ago for a private party

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    1. re: Jack_

      I've also wondered about that steakhouse (Windsor Chop House.) Someone must have eaten there!
      As for Enzo's, I stopped in today...they are open. See my seperate post.

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        I remember first noticing the place at least 18 months ago, but have never tried it (its a hike from GAP). I've been surprised to see not a single post ANYWHERE either.

    2. I've eaten there once -- it was fine, nothing special. Satisfied that big-slab-of-steak craving when we had just seen a movie and didn't want to schlep to Williamsburg or Manhattan, but I wasn't wowed. I would go back if my SO wanted to, but it wouldn't be my first choice by a long shot.

      1. alas, the windsor chop house is no more! They auctioned off all the stuff last Thurs. 2/21. The food didn't warrent their prices.
        On another note, Enzo's is not so bad. The salads were very good, dressings were a little sweet. Pizzas were good sized but could be crispier.Staff was friendly but a bit overwhelmed. When we ate there, they were waiting for their liquor lic. so no beer with the pizza but they said they were working on it. Definitly has potential!!!

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          Thanks for responding, Piman. What a waste of money and effort at the Chop House. They never advertised or even opened their doors in the summer so people could see in. Glad to hear about Enzo's. Decent pizza in the neighborhood is a definite plus.