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Feb 12, 2008 07:53 AM

Clam or seafood pizza

Does anyone know of a spot that make a really good clam or some type of seafood pizza?
thanks in advance!

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  1. Not excatly in the Boston area but the East Bay Grille on Plymouth Harbor has a killer scallop and bacon pizza!

    1. Figs used to have a great clam pizza. Have not been since the Wellesley Figs closed but the one on Beacon Hill should have it.

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        Kelly square pub in Eastie does an awesome shrimp scampi pizza.

        1. re: emilief

          I'm pretty sure the clam pizza is no longer on the menu at Figs. I haven't seen it offered at the one in Charlestown, anyway.

        2. Sweet Tomatoes in Newton Center does it. I wonder why Bertucci's took it off their menu.

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            Sweet Tomatoes does, however, use clams out of a can. That said, still pretty darn good.

          2. There is a great spicy shrimp pizza at Figs. They also have a spicy shrimp that I like at Salvatore's.

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              The Figs one is/was technically Rock Shrimp, wasn't it? I remember it being very good. Figs also has/had a calamari pizza which was kind of strange as it had fried calamari on top of the pizza, but I still liked that one too although it wasn't my favorite.

            2. Cafe Porto Bello in South Boston does a clam, scallop and shrimp pizza that I think is devine! Also, the shrimp scampi pizza at Artu in the North End is off the charts good.