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Feb 12, 2008 07:49 AM

Best Paella in Manhattan?

I was a huge fan of Bobby Flay's Paella at Bolo, but the restaurant has closed for relocation. Any recommendations on where I can find the best Paella in Manhattan?

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    1. Sevilla in the village is my all time standby place for paella.

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      1. re: foodfamily

        We liked the paella at Sevilla, too.

      2. My house. Short of that, sometimes Azafran does a decent paella. Sometimes AOC Bedford does. Both places make them too liquidy for my tastes. I wasn't impressed with La Nacional's paella.

        Truth is, it's an iffy dish here and in Spain restaurants. It can be loaded with cheap ingredients, not enough saffron, etc. Or it can be exquisite. I know of no exquisite paella in NY, so, therefore, why bother!

        Unless you come to my house..... people rave about my paella!

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        1. I really liked Boqueria's. 19th between 5th and 6th.

        2. I wasnt crazy about the Paella at Bolo, solid but didnt blow me away.

          Had this really great paella in the east village about 6 months ago, and of course I cant remember the name of the place, and its killing me :(

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          1. re: metfan630

            Was it at La Paella, on East 9th? Oddly, never got paella there, but have had some passable sangria.