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Feb 12, 2008 07:49 AM

Betty Ann Food Shop - Donuts

I was reading the discussion about Kane's donuts and someone recommended Betty Ann Food Shop in East Boston. This morning my husband got up early and trekked over there to bring me a bag of delicioushness. I have someone else doing a recon up to Kane's this weekend for me so I'll try those then.

We got a dozen for $4.80 (god is that cheap!) - mixed the three varieties (plain cake, sugar raised and jelly). I tried all three and these are some of the finest old fashioned type donuts I have ever enjoyed. The plain is small and dense with great nutmeg flavor and a crunchy exterior. The sugar raised is nice and yeasty with good flavor and the jelly filled is the same yeast donut filled with a red currant, not-too-sweet jelly and rolled in sugar. Just wonderful!

I will be adding Betty Ann's to our food rotation and for now will be dropping the long haul out to Verna's for donuts (I love them but it's a long way to go for a dozen donuts since we live on the North Shore).

Thanks for this tip!


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  1. I also hit Betty Ann's after a tip off here and found the whole experience charming. Like Kane's, it's not handy or convenient but we stopped in one early morning on the way to the Cape. The whole place is frozen in time, not just the prices. Since that visit I've been curious about their other baked goods which apparently are only available during the week. I'd love to know if they have the same homemade, old timey goodness as the donuts. Anyone got the scoop?

    1. Yes I found out about Betty Ann's here and it is my favorite cake donut around. They really feel like homemade donuts, right down the the brown paper bag they come in, especially when you get them still warm.

      These days I'd rank my favorite cake donuts in this area like this:

      Betty Ann's (East Boston)
      Donuts with a Difference (Medford)
      Demet's (Medford)
      Kane's (Saugus)

      I've been a Kane's lover from way back but have just had too much inconsistency the last few years. I hit a bad streak for a while and then had a good batch, but then bad again the next time (bad meaning dry and stale-ish). If I'm going to indulge in all those calories I need it to be dependably worthwhile.

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          565 Bennington Street, East Boston. Take the Blue Line to Wood Island and walk out of the station and to the right for a couple of blocks. They are only open from 7-10 a.m. Tuesday - Sunday.

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            Betty's donuts are a completely different animal than the others on Chris's list. I don't think I've ever had anything like them. The folks we shared them with (retirees on the Cape ) said that they were throw-backs to an earlier time when Mom and Pop shops were the norm. The consistency and texture are more like a fried dough, yeasty maybe? soft on the outside, with a bit of pull to bite. I give up! Try them and let us know what you think!

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