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Feb 12, 2008 07:21 AM

Amsterdam this weekend, 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinner

Looking for some help here. My boyfriend and I are going to Amsterdam for less than 36 hours. We've both been to Amsterdam before but we didn't have much luck in finding anything better than frites and mayo. It was really our fault that we didn't do much research on food because we were with a group that had less inclination for culinary adventures.

A little background on us, we've lived in New York City for over a year and had been fortunate enough to sample some of the best restaurants in the city: per se, le bernadine, babbo, gramacy tavern etc. We are quite obsessed with good food and are generally very adventurous, anything to from fine dinning to a hole in the wall place in chinatown.

This time in Amsterdam I decided to do a little more research. I know it's already a little late for reserach but I've been too bz at work and this trip kinda came as a last minute thing.

What are the chances of me scoring a table at a good restaurant this weekend?? (a quick browse through this forum scareams De Kas?) I would like to have at least 1 fancy/romantic meal in Amsterdam since it's our 4th anniversary.

We also want to sample Indonesian food at some point. After that, we're open to any suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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  1. OK after a little more research on the forum and a few calls across the ocean, De kas is definitely not possible (haha figures! i'm the type of person who calls restaurants 1 - 2 months ahead for reservation)... Anyhow, I decided on dinner at Blue Pepper for one night, the other night I wanted Bathazar's Kitchen but found out that they're only open for 3 nights a week? (wow what kinda restaurant is that!) Anyway if anyone can suggest something similar, like, casual elegant setting with simply good food that would be great (and of course, possible reservation/ walk-in). Thanks!