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Convenience store dining in the Triangle

I'm looking for suggestions on the best convenience stores/gas stations in the Triangle that serve food. I know of several in Raleigh: Tookie's Grill in the Shell Station on Six Forks, the Jack Daniels Grocery and Deli on Jones Franklin Road, that store on Oberlin Road across from the YWCA.

But my knowlege is weaker on the western side of the Triangle. Any suggestions?

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  1. Merrits on S. Columbia in Chapel hill and the gas station out by Fiesta Grill outside of Carrboro

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      The one with food is Jerry's Grill. It is about 2 miles past Fiesta Grill on Hwy 54. My experiences there have been mixed.

    2. Still open? Cappy's on 55 and Sedgwick (?) in Morrisville in the Mobil station. Pretty decent sandwiches. They have hot food and some bakery items, too, but I haven't tried those. On a nice day I like to get a sandwich and chips (they have Zapps!!!) and take them over to the airport observation park. Nice way to spend a lunch break.

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        I think the Capi's on 55 has been sold. They have at least two other stores though.
        In an Exxon station
        10500 Chapel Hill Rd
        Morrisville, NC 27560-8711
        Phone: (919) 481-4828


        Maybe an Exxon station also
        Capi's Subs & Bakery
        2700 Regency Pkwy
        Cary, NC 27511
        Contact Capi's Subs & Bakery
        Phone: (919) 468-0084

        I've eaten at the one in Cary within the last week and it was as good as the original one on 55.

      2. The new Sheetz on Aviation by RDU has pretty good food.

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          There's a gas station on Six Forks just north of 540 that serves fresh biscuits in the morning. I've never gotten there to try, but I've always been intrigued.

          This is a a truly worthwhile topic.

        2. Jerrys and Merritts are not worth the time spent on stopping.

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            seriously? A Merritts BLT in August, when they're using local tomatoes, is close to heaven. I've never had anything else, but who needs to?

          2. I like the biscuits at Calvander Food Mart in Chapel Hill, at the intersection of 86 and Dairyland. I always get an egg & cheese biscuit -- they're greasy in a good way with the cheese folded into the egg so that the cheese melts nicely. The biscuits themselves aren' t the best, but they're tasty enough and buttery & flaky. A nice artery-clogging indulgence.

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              I used to eat those on my way to work in the morning! Such nostalgia!!

            2. That's the second reference I've seen recently to the place on Oberlin. What's it known for?

              1. ok, well, i'm not sure if it qualifies as a convenience store, but its about 10 steps away from a gas station.

                Missy's grill in Efland, literally right off the highway (40/85) , just a window and a couple of picnic tables. for 4 years now, i have loved stopping there for an egg sandwich in the morning. Why? Because they will actually do it on toast! MM...bacon egg and cheese sandwich on toast with a slice of tomato and hot sauce.

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                  The Food Factory in Cary has great egg sandwiches in the morning. Wear a bib and get the eggs over easy with cheddar cheese. This isn't a convienence store but they do serve great food.


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                    thanks for that! we are perpetually on the lookout for good breakfast joints!

                2. Thanks so much for all the suggestions.

                  1. Stopped in at the Food Factory in Cary today for the first time. I've driven past it a hundred times and never really noticed it. Sandwich was pretty good and they were very busy. The owner stopped by and chatted for a few minutes--he's an ex NYC fireman and said he's just trying to serve up good firehouse food. Definitely will go back.

                    Tookies on Six Forks is an old standby--like the new one down at Seaboard too.

                    I had forgotten about Jack Daniels grocery. They used to make great, cheap sandwiches and there was always some kind of fresh dessert or snack to buy too. I need to drive back by there soon and check it out.