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West Village recommendations?

I'll be spending a week in Manhattan in late March, staying in the Meatpacking District -- Hotel Gansevoort. I'm looking for chowhound recommendations for great places to eat in the immediate neighborhood and West Village (walking distance).

On previous trips, I enjoyed The Spotted Pig and Cafe Cluny -- smaller, more intimate places with a neighborhood feel and good to excellent food. I want to avoid the "big show" places, eg. Buddakan, Spice Market, etc.

Any chowhound suggestions?

Thanks very much.

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    1. Florent - still cool
      Barbuto - quieter at lunch
      Gottino - wine bar
      Mama Buddha - cheap, cheerful and healthy
      Corner Bistro - burgers
      Good - brunch
      Cafe 202 - breakfast/lunch
      Omai - Vietnamese 9th Ave/19th St
      Bergamote - pastries 9th Ave 20th St
      Murray's Bagels - 6th Ave/13th St
      a bit further:
      Snack Taverna
      'Ino - wine bar
      Little Owl
      Blue Ribbon Bakery
      Bar Pitti

      1. My vote is for Florent... especially with all of the talk surrounding their lease expiring sometime this Spring, I'd suggest you get there before the rumor of them closing down becomes a truth!

        1. It all depends on your expectations...
          El Faro -- Old school Spanish (love it)
          Crispo -- 14th St., but worth a little extra walk
          Malatesta -- neighborhood, affordable Italian
          Paris Commune -- Great French, also affordable
          Wallse -- A little nicer, but well worth the price, this is a must...

          Hope that provides some variety, good eating...

          1. Perilla, Snack Taverna, Crispo, Bar Blanc, Wallse, O Mai. For French bistro food, I'd choose Jarnac over Paris Commune, which IMO is overpriced and ordinary. Le Gigot also gets a lot of positive mentions on this board, but I have not been there.

            1. Crispo for fine Italian.

              1. Just went to (last Friday) to Pardo's (Peruvian) and then to Sushi Samba across the street for drinks. The food at Pardo's was very good and there are a million things to do in the vicinity.

                The only thing is...it's on 7 Ave and Grove. A bit of a hike by foot but about a 20 min walk (less) from the hotel. And it's a charming/bustling strip - - but not as busy as the Meatpacking District.

                If you click on my user id, you can read my review for Pardo's.

                1. I'm surprised no one's mentioned Fatty Crab. That place is great and it's close to your hotel.

                  Fatty Crab
                  643 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014

                  1. Any particular type of cuisine?

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                      As to type of cuisine, I'm very flexible. Price point: also flexible, but prefer no formal dress up requirements.

                      Ex. For Italian, I've enjoyed Lupa over the years. Had fun at Cafe d'Alsace for its Germanic/French mix. For Spanish, I like Boqueria and want to try Mario Batali's tapas place. For Japanese, Bar Masa.

                      Places that I've liked less (atmosphere + food < price):
                      * Babbo (too hectic to enjoy)
                      * Le Bernardin (sommelier too stuffy; not relaxing)
                      * Bar at the Modern (ear splitting noise; more for a drink than food)
                      * Spice Market: (rushed; poorly organized)

                      Big bucks that I've enjoyed:
                      * Per Se (better than French Laundry)
                      * bar at the Ritz Carlton CPS (upscale but relaxed and fun)
                      * King Cole Bar (ditto)
                      * L'Atelier Joel Robichon (fun at the bar with multi course menu)

                      Again, thanks for your help.

                    2. Crispo, Spotted Pig, August, Snack Taverna, Little Owl

                      1. Da Andrea is great for Italian. Stop into Employees Only for cocktails before.

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                          Blue Hill offers a wonderful dining experience but it's not in the immediate area.

                        2. I love Antica Venezia. Fantastic italian. On West St at 10th. Not a bad walk at all.

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                            In my opinion, Antica Venezia felt like the quintessential tourist trap. Check out Maremma...

                          2. Little Owl has a wonderful brunch. For small and friendly (and reasonable) I like Petite Abeille on Hudson near Barrow. Two spanish places near you: El Cid on 15th between 8 and 9 Avenue (for tapas and sangria only) and El Faro on Greenwich as others have mentioned. For exquisite croissants try Claude's Patisserie on West 4th between 6th and 7th. Another sweet place without much fanfare is Jarnac, on Washington and W. 12th.

                            1. You must check out Blue Ribbon Sushi. The ambience, food, sake, service-- all spectacular. Hands down one of my favorites. Aquagrill is also great. Pepe De Rosso is tiny and very casual but excellent (love their sauteed calamari). And if you like Thai that's not too greasy, I would check out Boyd Thai on Thompson St.

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                                AOC Bedford is a nice option and one that doesn't get a lot of ink. they have a great pre-fix menu. i also vote for Crispo, kingswood, perilla, august, Otto and barbutto