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Dec 5, 2001 02:09 PM

Larchmont Village recommendation?

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I'm meeting a friend for dinner in the Larchmont village area, and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good place. I know there are bunch of restaurants on Larchmont, and am unfamiliar with all of them (except the chains - which I'd prefer avoiding). Open to all kinds of food, preferably under $15 per person. Larchmont Village adjacent is cool too. :)


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    michael (mea culpa)

    It costs a little more, but in that 'hood I'd probably go for La Luna (Italian) or Prado (Carribean).

    1. Girasole (Italian) for's small so make resv. It's within your $ range. You can bring your own corkage fee.

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        Second the rec on Girasole. Lovely, small family-run place that serves very good Northern Italian dishes. It's cozy inside, and the servers are friendly.

      2. I'd definitely go for Prado. I had my birthday there last year, everyone loved it. The food is good, off beat combinations Carribean style. The decor is also off beat in a nice way.

        1. It's hard to go wrong with any of the places mentioned above.

          Girasole has good food at reasonable prices and friendly service in a cute space. It's small so make a reservation.

          Prado is tasty.

          La Luna is also very good. They have a wonderful calamari, potato, green bean salad (I think it may only be served during the summer).

          La Botteca (sp?) is another good choice. I think it's a spin-off of the more expensive Marino's restaurant on Melrose. It's very good Italian food, especially for stuffed pastas and chicken lasagne. The price is right. When I went they did not sell wine so bring your own (which also helps with the price).

          I also like the Petit Greek for appetizers, a Greek salad, and some resin wine.

          1. Thanks all for the quick recommendations!

            We ended up eating at Prado, which was great, and we now are looking for an excuse to get back to the area and try Girasole.

            I had the Jamaican Tamale Platter. Tamales were soft and sweet, doused in a nice sour salsa verde. It came with rice, grilled veggies, fried yucca, fried plantains, and something else fried, but I dunno what it was. My girlfriend had the lime chicken which was also very tasty. The service was good. We let them know we were pinched for time, and they helped us get in and out quickly.