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Feb 12, 2008 06:55 AM

Shopping in West Hartford- Nice lunch place, anyone?

We are NYC chowhounds who will be at Cornfield's Wallpaper and would like a recommendation. We enjoy all ethnic foods and love fresh, grilled fish. We would be continuing on to Route 90W so we are willing to drive out of that area. Thanks, in advance, for your suggestions.

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  1. Max's Oyster Bar on Farmington Ave in West Hartford center... maybe 5 minutes from Cornfield's

    1. Try the Corner Pug. They have a real nice lunch. I've attached their website for you.

      1. West Hartford Center also has Grant's (bistro dining), Mediza (mediteranean), Elbow Room (american comfort) and Shish Kebab House of Afganistan. I really like Grants and the Shish kebab House.

        1. Hello! You will be right near a great Asian place called East West Grille. They have some Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese food on the menu and everything I've tried there is excellent. Unfortunately their web link is not working but it's on New Park Avenue in an old diner. I think you'll fare better there than the Corner Pug (which I love but I usually only go there when other places are too crowded and I'm starving). WH center stuff is good but I think a little overrated (just like WH center).

          1. There is a small place on Park Road called India Oven which is very good,


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              i second Grant's. IMHO it's one the best in the area and has a nice ambience