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Feb 12, 2008 06:44 AM

Another cast iron cleaning question - bacon

OK I know the suggestions on how to clean your cast iron - but I have a specific quesiton about bacon. Whenever I make it, I struggle between cleaning it and leaving the seasoning. Even when I scrub it really hard, I get a light colored residue left after washing and drying the pan. Should I just keep scrubbing til this is totally gone, or just make sure anything that can easily come off comes off?


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  1. The "light colored residue left" is the "seasoning" that is forming on your black cast iron pot. Please do not scrub your pot clean simply whip out the bacon fat with a paper towel. Could you be cooking on too high heat?

    Directions: General Care of a Cast Iron Pot

    1. Always wash with a mild detergent, rinse and dry thoroughly. I recommend placing a thoroughly rinsed utensil over heat or flame, 2-3 minutes, to remove any moisture from the porous metal. Never scour or use a dishwasher. (You may use a plastic bun to remove stubborn food particles).
    2. Cook food with little water content the first few times. Avoid cooking acidic foods such as tomatoes, unless combined with other food. Uncover hot food as you remove from the heat, because steam may remove the protective coating.
    3. Rust, a metallic taste or discolored foods are signs of improper or inadequate seasoning. If this occurs, wash thoroughly and re-season.
    4. Since cast iron heats evenly, it is not necessary to use extremely high cooking temperatures. Best results are obtained with medium to medium-to-high temperature settings. Do not overheat or leave empty utensil on the burner. Never place the utensil on an already heated burner; rather, allow the utensil to heat as the burner does.
    5. Always store cast iron utensils with tops or lids off so moisture won’t collect inside. Store in a warm, dry place. A paper towel placed inside the utensil will absorb any moisture and prevent rust.

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      Interesting (to me) that you recommend a mild detergent. I have been taught never to use detergent of any kind (and I don't). I rinse thoroughly with hot water and then scrub with a healthy dose of kosher salt. Rinse again, dry, brush lightly with oil, heat for several minutes on med. heat, wipe excesss.

      Do others use soap as well?