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Feb 12, 2008 06:15 AM

White pizza in Boston?


My mother-in-law is celebrating a special occasion tomorrow, and she craves pizza - but doesn't like tomato sauce. I would appreciate any suggestions for good white pizza in the Boston area (places around the JFK museum would be a plus).


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  1. The "Alsatian" at Picco (South End) is one of my fav pizzas in all of New England.

    Not exactly a traditional Italian white, but a classic Alsatian pie: sautéed onions, shallots, garlic, sour cream, bacon & gruyere.

    And I also love Picco's crust. Great chew.

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      Alsatian pizza at Sandrine's in Harvard Sq. is great, and a little bit fancy to feel like you're celebrating. I love the wild mushroom and caramelized onion pizza at Sonsie. And they often have different combos w/ corn or bacon or something, no tomatoes. No idea what's by the JFK Library. Sorriso in the Leather District isn't far from South Station if you're on the red line, I'm sure they have some white pizzas.

    2. My fave for non red sauce pizza is this little place, Pasta Pisa on Boston Ave in Medford, near Tufts U. They have a stuffed pizza with a white (either mascarpone or bechamel) sauce, spinach, broccoli, cheese, & lots of garlic. Very delish pizza but definitely a take out atmosphere. There are several good non red sauce pizzas at Cambridge One (Harvard Sq & Millenium Bldg in Fenway), my fave is the potato & fontina.

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              five words: does santarpio's have white pizza???!!!

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                twelve words: yes, just ask for a "white" pizza, usually it's cheese and garlic

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                  I think I've had to specially request garlic on the white pizza at Santarpio's but it's part of my standard order.

                  These days I'm frequently indulging in the white pizza with proscuitto and garlic at Vinnies in Malden. It's a good crust and a great combo.

        1. It's a far cry from the JFk museum, but Za in East Arlington always has some interesting and delicious pizza options (mac and cheese or smoked salmon or mashed potato/bacon combo, etc.) with no tomato sauce -- and really good beer/wine options -- and great salads -- and nice service at reasonable prices - desserts are hit or miss. We are there almost weekly and consistently impressed. Even if it's full, there's not usually a long wait and they will bring you drinks if you do have to wait.

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            I had the potato/bacon/corn pizza there and it was delicious.

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              Wow. That sounds pretty tasty! I may have to get over there to give it a shot. Is it a regular menu item or was it a special?

              1. re: TomH

                It was a special. And since it's not really corn season, maybe they don't have it. Altho frozen corn cooked on a pizza probably wouldn't taste much different.