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Dec 5, 2001 11:04 AM

Places to eat with a vegan

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I'm very excited about being back in LA for the holidays from NYC to see the family and eat some BBQ, chili dogs, and fish tacos, among other things. However, I'll likely be eating out a lot with my sister (also visiting from out of town), who is vegan. I've thought of a few places already where I'll be able to accommodate her and fulfill my need for adequate deliciousness, like House of Vege in Lomita or the Korean tofu place on Beverly in koreatown (can't remember what it's called), or the south Indian place on Sunset, but I'd like some more ideas besides these. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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    ollie omnivore

    Veganism is a pernicious blight upon the planet. Its practicioners do not deserve the pleasure of a restaurant meal. To your beloved sister (who I'm sure is a wonderful person), I say, "Let her eat sprouts."

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      Thanks for the input on veganism. However, while I do not follow a strict "vegan" diet, I can tell you my vegitarian diet has helped me maintain a 170lb weight loss, and given me huge amounts of energy! As for places to try when the fellow chowhounder comes into LA, perhaps you might try "Follow Your Heart" in Canoga Park . It has been a fixture in the West Valley for 2 decades! Food can be really healthy, but aamazingly tastey! Lots of Soups,Chili, Salads, and pasta dishes! Desserts are really good for health food too! Even my twin daughters chow down whan I take them there!

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      michael (mea culpa)

      She can get a pretty hefty plate of grilled veggies at Daily Grill while you consume real food. There's also The Newsroom in Beverly Hills which is ostensibly healthy but serves alcohol.

      1. Eric -- Just a warning. If the tofu place on Beverly you're thinking of is Tofu Cabin, it changed ownership, and went way downhill. Maybe BCD Tofu (various locations) instead?

        My favorite vegetarian is that So Indian on Sunset in Hwd which is called...I'm blanking. But maybe your vegan sis won't go for all that ghee...

        1. Urth Cafe on Melrose has delicious food, vegan or not!

          1. There's a wonderful scene in "Ninotchka". Garbo, the dour Soviet commissar is in a Paris cafe. She orders a plate of carrots and beets. The waiter's response: "Madame, this is a restaurant. NOT a MEADOW!"