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Feb 12, 2008 05:55 AM

[Manchester] Glamourous - Chinese restaurant

Glamourous by name; “Glamourous” by nature.

The restaurant is situated above the Wing Yip Chinese supermarket on Oldham Road and, like most Chinese restaurants in Manchester, is firmly set in Cantonese roots. Its décor is Chinese kitsch at its brightest, flashiest, tackiest best. You are greeted by the sight of large picture windows with the gaudiest flashing lights you would ever want to come across. And, as the restaurant’s own website says “Inside, the décor and Chinese decorations are equally bright and sparkling”.

Once in and seated, you gaze back out towards the picture windows and regard the view – the enclosed upper level deck of the supermarket car park. Lovely. Then you realise just how big the place is. It’s BIG. Very big. Seating 600, it was well nigh full on the Monday lunchtime when I ate there – the solitary non-Chinese customer.

The menu is the usual multi-page affair and has a large dim sum range – a selection being trundled round the room on several trolleys. But, not having anyone to chat to about “interesting food”, I opted for one of the set lunch menus – the dearest but still pretty standard fair at £9.95. This brought a hot & sour soup which was, erm, very hot and very sour. Enjoyed that. Then a small selection of prawn toast, salt & pepper ribs and “seaweed”. Nothing to set the world alight here. A main of char siu and mixed veg was much better.

Then it was off downstairs to the supermarket to stock up on goodies.

You’ll either love it or hate it. Nothing in between.

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  1. I love the idea of combining our regular trips to Wing Yip with lunch, but the only time we tried that we had an appalling meal there and I will never go back. EVERYTHING we ordered tasted "off." I hated their hot and sour soup - maybe it's just too different to the Taiwanese style stuff I'm used to, but I found it way too glutinous and full of that fake red sweet and sour flavour. The ribs were dry and weird-tasting, and even the spring rolls were way greasy. Don't remember the other stuff we tried, though. Sounds like you had a better time.

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    1. re: Yankunian

      I would be the last to claim any knowledge or sophistication about Chinese food (my normal level & experience is takeaway sweet & sour chicken and, in all truth, I have absolutely zilch knowledge about Chinese regional styles) - but certainly I didnt notice anything "off". Hopefully I would have done.

      1. re: Yankunian

        sunday lunch is best, the steaming dim sum trolleys and chaos are straight out of Bladerunner.

        the food is so hit and miss, some delicious, many revolting.