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Feb 12, 2008 05:42 AM

Great dinner in Tysons Corner area?

My husband has a seminar at the Ritz Carlton in Tysons Corner at the end of March, and I'll be joining him for a couple days. I think we'll venture into DC at least once for dinner, but for the other evenings, we'll probably stay in Virginia. From what I've seen there's a bunch of "mall food" around the hotel, and a fancy place at the hotel that's currently closed... any suggestions? We won't mind driving a bit!


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  1. Any particular cuisine? Price range? There are lots of options in Tyson's and the surrounding area, but if you could give us an idea of things you do/don't like and a price range, it could help narrow things down.

    1. In McLean there is EVOO Bistro and Corner Bistro which aren't bad choices. For something close and affordable there is a Cafe Deluxe which is a chain, but has some good stuff, especially for lunch.

      In the mall there is a Lebanese Taverna which is a local chain for us that has good lebanese food if you don't want to have to venture out. Another local chain is in the other Tysons across the street it is Coastal Flats, I like other of the Great American Reestaurant Group better, but a lot of people seem to love this one, and I admit they do make a very good mojito.

      Also wolftrap deli isn't too far away for sandwiches and stuff at lunchtime. I am sure other people that live right there will have some other good suggestions though. I definitely suggest heading into DC for a night though.

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      1. re: ktmoomau

        Maybe the folks responsible for the wine and food at Evo Bistro -- not EVOO -- would be happy to be associated with Rachel Ray's ootsie-cutsie abbreviation for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In reality, Evo is a short version of "evolved." The Evo people had been in business with the folks still in business at The Corner Bistro, but had a parting of the ways. The "evolved" is itend to suggest an evolved Corner Bistro.

        I suspect ktmoomau's error is a pretty common one. Rachel Ray has so intruded on the public consciousness that EVOO springs to mind much commonly than the unusual "Evo."

        1. re: Indy 67

          Sad but true, and I don't even like Rachel Ray thanks for the correction.

        2. re: ktmoomau

          I can't recommend wolftrap deli (am Vienna resident)- my only time getting food to go had a hair in the sandwich.. try foster's for bubrgers, amphora for diner mixed food, any of the thai places off 123 in vienna are good, sushi yama is great..

        3. You’re correct in that the Galleria, the mall attached to the Ritz, has very few options. It’s mostly national chains that I would steer clear of. There is a Lebanese Taverna, a regional chain, which has some very nice Lebanese food.

          I like to hit up Deluxe Café on Monday nights for half-price wine. Also, although I think opinions on this board differ, I really like Woo Lae Oak for Korean barbecue. The marinated beef short ribs are delicious!

          A little further outside Tysons in McLean is Corner Bistro, one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants. It’s a wine and tapas bar and I love to stop there with my boyfriend after a day at the office. Nice wine selection and some really good desserts, I’m partial to the flan! Some of the dishes can get a little pricy, but it’s a great atmosphere and some excellent food.

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. J. Gilberts is our favorite steak house in McLean (just down the road from the Ritz). Great atmosphere and food, without the a la carte pricing of traditional steak houses (Capital Grill, Morton's, Ruth Chris, Flemings, Shula's, all which are in a one mile radius).

              Argia's in Falls Church is a good family style Italian restaurant, with solid pasta, grilled meat and fish options.

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              1. re: Meg

                I was going to suggest J Gilberts. They have good seafood options as well (try the scallops with lobster risotto). If you go there, though, make sure you request a table AWAY from the bar, unless you like cigar smoke.

                Lebanese Taverna in the mall is also good, as suggested.

                1. re: mak1277

                  Ditto. WAY away from the bar.

                  There's a new place in the Mall, can't remember if it's Tysons 1 or 2 called Wild Fire that I think is steak-houseish that I've heard good things about, but can't vouch for.

                  1. re: Meg

                    Wild Fire is owned by Lettuce Entertain You out of Chicago. It is a better than average steak house but, I think, not on the same level as:
                    The Capital Grille (in an office building in front of Tyson's Corner), The Palm (adjacent to the Ritz) or Morton's (on the far side of Tyson's Corner from the Galleria). J. Gilbert's is also a step below these three.

                    Could I make a suggestion? A serious suggestion? Arguably the best Persian restaurant in the nine + million Baltimore/D. C. area is near you: Shamshiry. It is nondescript with formica tables and, I think, cheap aluminum silverware. But they have rice equal to what you will find in Iran, kebobs among the best on this side of the Mediteranean (take a serious look at their salmon) and excellent sides. It's been open about fifteen years and populated mostly by Mid Eastern Ex Pats. It is outstanding for what it is. You won't find anything on this level in Philly, perhaps even Manhattan. If you go there are a half dozen or so "fruit and nut rices" that you should consider. If you must have steak (there are at least nine steak houses in the Tyson's Corner area) go to either the Capital Grille or The Palm. Maybe, just maybe, by the time you are here either Gordon Ramsay or the "new" Colvin Run Tavern will have opened with the former chef from 2941. (If you have a car 2941, two exits around the Beltway, should be a consideration also.) But Shamshiry, if you don't mind "slumming it" would be my very real FIRST choice. You should also be aware it is popular. VERY popular. Depending on the time and day of the week you may have a wait.

                    1. re: Joe H

                      When I read the original posting, my immediate thought was -- Shamshiry.

                      1. re: Joe H

                        I'll "third" the kudos for Shamshiry. I live in Florida but my company was based in Tyson's from 1997-2003 so I stayed at the Marriott a lot. Every trip I'd look forward to lunch at Shamshiry with my co-workers. I also enjoyed some good Indian and Vietnamese (pho) restaurants which are plentiful in Falls Church and surrounding areas.

                    2. re: mak1277

                      Notice everyone is saying cigar smoke not cigarette smoke. J. Gilbert's is one of the few cigar-friendly restaurants in the area with predictable results. The bar is off the lobby to the right; the dining area is off the lobby to the left. On the rare occasions I'm willing to brave the cigar smoke, I question my decision walking through the lobby even if I eventually eat my meal well away from the bar..