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Dec 4, 2001 07:58 PM

Korean Bbcue Bday

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Hey fellow chowhounders,

I'm planning a bday party and was wondering if anyone had any specifics ideas for a great place in Koreatown? I have mostly been to the less expensive less fancy places which are great but and am looking to go more upscale and for my birthday celebration.
I happen to notice today as driving by that Chosun Galbi has a new gorgeous location on Olympic but not sure how the food is.. I also went by Manna but wasn't impressed. Any Ideas or suggestions would help me out a lot.. Thank you
David S

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  1. Manna does look a bit dull from the outside, but has great BBQ, hot pots, panchan, etc. and would work well for a party due to its "big tent" ambience - chairs and tables can easily be reconfigured for big groups. I haven't yet been to Chosun Galbi but have heard good things from others.

    If you'd like somewhere more upscale with a lower decibel level, it's hard to top Yongsusan, though I'm not sure how well they accomodate large parties.

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      I couldn't agree more. Yongsusan is about the best place to go. The $21.95 dinner gives you plenty of food/courses, and your guests are sure to be impressed. Especially those that have not had Korean. They have private rooms that can accomidate at least 10-12.

    2. I really like Wilshire BBQ House at the corner of Wilshire and Arlington, however, I have to admit, the boneless short ribs are so yummy, I never order anything else. The menu is varied. The myriad of side dishes are wonderful. They also have private rooms, nicely decorated. Check out their heated patio with the waterfall.

      1. I went to the new Chosun Galbi with a large group and really enjoyed it. Very nice inside. We had a private room which was nice, but was also a little noisy. I can't suggest what to order though, because we went with a group of native Koreans who knew what they were doing.