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Feb 12, 2008 05:05 AM

ISO Cheap and Cheerful near George Brown College

I'm doing a weekly night school (wine tasting) course with my husband at GBC. It starts at 6:30pm and it's really hard to fit in eating between work and drinking multiple samples.

Can anyone suggest a restaurant between Yonge and King and Sherbourne and Adelaide that isn't too pricey and serves quickly enough to be in and out in about 45 minutes? And hopefully has halfway decent food too. I know that's probably a tall order, but I'm entirely open as to food is okay too, as long as it's not McDonalds, etc.

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  1. I had the same challenge when I took the course a few years ago. Ended up having a bite to eat at the bar at the dearly departed Montreal Bistro.

    Just to the east of Sherbourne on King is Zoulpy's deli, not sure of the hours but you can check them out.

    Also, not been there myself, but there's an old-school diner on King called Patrician Grill.

    Patrician Grill
    219 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A1J9, CA

    Zoulpy's Deli Restaurant - duplicate
    244 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

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      I enjoyed my lunch at the Patrician after going there based on reading other CH's comments.

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        Great though, but the website says that it's open for breakfast and lunch... Sigh...any other ideas? There's a sushi place at Adelaide and Jarvis near Starfish...anyone been?

    2. I live in the area and agree that it's a tall order! The one place I can think of is the Hot House Cafe at Church and Front. I've been there only once, and the food was basic but ok. They seem like they can serve quickly as well. II would definitely recommend AVOIDNG Jason George (Front & Jarvis). How this place can even get a basic brunch wrong, I'm not sure. The immediate area around GBC is not the best for food, unfortunately....good luck!

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        Surprised to hear that about Jason George... it's been one of our regular haunts for brunch and the occasional dinner for years, and I've never had a bad experience. Nothing to get super-excited about, sure, but for for a neighbourhood place I've always found it very a reliable and decent option. Their cheap burger night (I think it's tuesdays) is a great deal, too.

      2. Le Petit Dejeuner on King East....will get you in and out quickly...esp if you mention time constraint....Miranda

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          Great idea...but they only serve dinner Wednesday through Friday according to TorontoLife. I will be checking the of the internet to be sure of that, but I'm wondering about back ups...

          I suppose if all else fails, there is that sushi place across from the King Eddy...and the sushi place at Jarvis and Adelaide... We are coming from the north west, so Hot House would be a last resort...:).

        2. I work right behind GBC (on Richmond) so I'm pretty familiar with offerings nearby...however, I've only ever had lunch in these places.

          Sherbourne & Richmond has King Palace, a nice Pakistani/Indian place which is open late (possibly 24 hours?). Food is already prepared and heated for you....this is more of the fast food variety but good quality. It's been mentioned several times on this board.

          Richmond & Sherbourne has the Richmond Rogue, good food but they VERY recently went through a menu change...haven't tried out the new offerings.

          The George St diner on Richmond & George - limited menu but fast and decent quality.

          On King right around Sherbourne/George is a Subway, a noodle place (haven't tried) and Naz's Falafel (no good, stay away). Also Zoulpy's, which I haven't tried, and a few other restaurants/diners on that strip.

          I'll think of a few more and get back to you!

          1. There's a great new-ish Thai place (Ivory Thailand) at Church and Adelaide. You could also try Eleven, Brad Moore's (ex-Xacutti) new place at Jarvis & Front. They have lots of tapas style items on the menu which could probably get in you in and out within 45 minutes.

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              While Eleven has little plates which CAN get you out fast, IMHO, i don't think it's cheap. My friend went there for dinner and the bill came out to be $200 for two, after tax and tip (including a low priced bottle of wine)