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Feb 12, 2008 04:43 AM

Restaurants, food shopping near Boone, NC?

Also interested in hearing about nearby places like Charlotte or Asheville. thanks!

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  1. IndyGirl, Are you visiting for moving here? I tend to shop at Earth Fare and Harris Teeter in Boone. The organic section of Lowe's Grocery Store has grown in the past year. Check out Stick Boy's Bakery for breads, desserts and coffee. Savory Thymes, in the same complex as Harris Teeter, carries a nice line of spices, imported vinegars, oils etc. Charlotte will be your nearest Whole Foods and TJ's. If you are moving here, put the Saturday Farmers Market on your list. Great source for local produce, bakery goods, jams, jellies and plants. Maverick Farms in Valle Crucis provides locally grown organic produce and offers membership during the summer months as well as having a stand at the Farmers Market.

    Tell us what you are looking for in restaurants. The dining scene in Boone tends to cater to student tastes and budgets. Blowing Rock and Banner Elk have a few more upscale dining options.

    Asheville is my favorite local get-away with a great dining scene. I love Rezaz's and Laughing Seed...but there are so many that get rave reviews I have yet to try.

    Yadkin Valley wineries make for a fun day-trip.

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      If you are willing to spend some dough, please go to the Gamekeeper. It's between Boone and Blowing Rock, and is in a glorious old building (once part of a girls' camp) on a twisty road. They specialize in game, of course, and beautiful produce. Ignore the fact that they have valet parking - this is seriously good food. I went last August when produce was at its height and it was a glorious meal.

      Charlotte and Asheville are not so nearby, FYI.

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        Charlotte has a really nice Dean & DeLuca, as well as the WNC Farmer's Market.

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        There's a possibility that I will move there.

        What's Harris Teeter?

        I am also a vegetarian, so while the game restaurant sounds great, it's not so much for me! :)

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          Harris Teeter is a decent grocery store that carries quite a bit of its own brand as well as a good selection of organic produce and a decent wine department. Unlike other chain grocer's with generic discount brands, most of HT's is quality. IMO, Harris Teeter is one of the more upscale grocery stores in the region and not usually found in a small mountain town. Earth Fare is for small towns what Whole Foods/Trader Joes is to larger metro areas. (I am not trying to compare the three, but I am just glad to say Earth Fare is serving smaller towns.) Earth Fare also has the a great vegetarian friendly deli and cafe/soup and salad bar...bulk produce etc.

          We have lived in the High Country for 13 years and made the vegetarian switch several years ago (vegan as of last Fall.) For a small mountain campus/resort area the High Country is quite vegetarian friendly and, as I said in my prior post, mostly catering to the casual student scene. I grew up in Madison, WI in the late 60's and early 70's surrounded by tie-dies etc and Main Street Boone is almost a throw back to those times. Most all of the restaurants near ASU have had to become vegetarian friendly.

          Angelica's is 100% vegetarian. Coyote Kitchen, Cafe Portofinos, Black Cat, Our Daily Bread are all very vegetarian friendly. GOL is a new Brazilian steak house with a separate reduced fixed price for the 45 item salad bar without meat. At some risk, I will also mention a veggie friendly chain in town. Back Yard Burger flame grills a decent veggie burger.

          There are others...let me think about this and get back with you.

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            Gol and Angelica's are both closed. :(

            The black bean tacos at Boone Saloon's Taco Tuesday are so good! (with beer)

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              They are closed! Oh no, I have been away since mid-November and they were open when I left town. Had dinner at the Thai restaurant next to GOL and it seemed like GOL had a good crowd.

              Thanks for the info on the vegetable plate at Gamekeeper. I will certainly visit the Gamekeeper this Spring when I return. It is always nice to have an upscale restaurant for dining out for special celebrations and entertaining non-vegetarian friends.

              I thought of a few more places to check out in Boone:

              Cha Da Thai has been around for just over a year and is good.

              Red Onion has a casual and diverse menu from salads, sandwiches, seafood, pasta etc with many vegetarian options. They have a small outdoor patio when the weather warms up. Joe's Italian Kitchen has good dine-in (super casual deli) or take-out pasta, sandwiches and salads.

              In Banner Elk you will find Corner Palate (I think they modified their name based on last time I drove by) has several vegetarian dishes. Zuzda's is a tapas bar with many small veggie plates.

          2. re: IndyGirl

            IndyGirl, The Gamekeeper's vegetarian plate is absolutely wonderful, and the atmosphere at that place is quintessential mountain, with a great view. Very good selection of wines. Best in town, in my opinion, and I live in Boone.

        2. If you are willing to spend a little, check out these fabulous restaurants in Blowing Rock:
          - The Best Cellar Restaurant
          - Crippens
          - Roca Bistro Antlers Bar

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            Great information, everyone. I really appreciate it. I will be there this Sunday-Monday and am looking forward to it, althgouh I don't know where I will be taken to eat!

            1. re: IndyGirl

              I hope you enjoy your visit. If you wind up moving to the High Country maybe we can form some sort of vegetarian dining group. I will also post a thread for you that would include some fantastic day-trips to find great small town cafes, theaters, galleries etc. in the region. Here is a link to our local weekly (check out the visitors guides):


          2. IndyGirl, sounds like you are interviewing at ASU? I'm doing the same shortly and am vegetarian as well, so appreciate the posts.

            1. Hi. Like others, Banner Elk and Linville area has better restaurants. On the road from Boone to Linville there is an awesome Lowes store.