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Feb 12, 2008 04:40 AM

What is oat flour?

Is it something you can make at home by grinding rolled out in a food processor? Arrowhead Mills has a product "Organic Oat Flour", but I'm wondering if I can make it myself.

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  1. I have thought about doing it in my coffee grinder, when I am in a pinch. Currently, I make my Dad send it to me from Whole Foods...

    1. I do not think rolled oats would do it - they are too processed and not the whole oat - you might be able to try with steel cut oats which i sprocessed less and is still mostly the whole oat granule

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        according to Wiki, the oat grains first have an inedible outer covering removed. What remains is called a "groat." The groats then have the tough bran removed IN MOST CASES. Commercial rolled oats, both 'old fashioned' and 'quick' do not usually have the bran intact. I wonder if you could source whole rolled oats at a natural food store or food co-op, then grind them at home.

        I do use my spice/coffee grinder to grind rolled oats to add to pancakes, scones, cookies, etc. I like the flavor, but this oat 'flour' makes for crumbly scones.

      2. In my original post, it should say " grinding rolled OATS..."

        1. Interesting subject -- would love to hear more thoughts on the subject. ie how does everyone use this in baking? Can it substitute for all-purpose? What are the differences when cooking with this flour vs other kinds?

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              Thx. Those oat-buttermilk scones sound yummy.

          1. I make a chocolate chip cookie with ground Quaker rolled oats. I use a food processor. The oat flour lends a nice nutty taste to the cookie. Here's the recipe.