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Feb 12, 2008 04:32 AM

Unshelled raw oysters?

Years ago a seafood market on Danforth Avenue sold unshelled raw oysters in plastic containers for a few dollars. I haven't seen them since. Do you know of any sources today, preferably in east or central Toronto?

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  1. Avenue Road Seafood has the proper ones (I have seen rubbish at Soeby's etc), and although they unfortunately are not much cheaper than you would pay at a restaurant ($1.25 ea I think), they are of particularly high quality and over the holidays I must have had about 50 of them, all were perfectly delicious... and never any... ahem... "problems"... :)

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    1. re: abscissa

      They sell them at T&T

      the closest location to Eastern Toronto would be the one on Cherry Street

      i bought some last night and they're very cheap --- a large 600ml container was 8 dollars?

    2. Bill's Lobster and T&T have them. They are the large oysters from BC. If I remember correctly, they should not be eaten raw, but used as an ingredient in cooked dishes. (I could be wrong on this point)

      1. Diana Seafood at Warden & Lawrence usually has some of those bargain containers, and they often have a selection of others, depending on the season, which means that sometimes there are more than a dozen different types of oysters just ready for shucking.

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        1. re: Full tummy

          I think the original poster is referring to shucked oyster meats OUT of the shell in plastic tubs. They aren't exactly poisonous eaten raw, but are not the same gustatory experience as a just-shucked on the half-shell oyster.

          1. re: tekkamaki

            Huh? The original question referred to "unshelled". That usually means "still in the shell," although I think there is sometimes some confusion about this.


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              Thanks, maybe Bob Catt will come back at some point and clarify for us what he wants.

              1. re: Full tummy

                Glad to clarify. I meant oysters removed from their shells, and sold in containers.

                1. re: Bob Catt

                  Oh, I was confused aswell, I've seen them in Chinatown (Spadina) at the place just north of Dundas on the West side, downstairs by the fruit markets, the one that has recently been overhauled by a chain of some kind, go to the back (lots of interesting stuff back there!) I think they were $6 or so for a 500ml tub full...I asked a chef friend of mine what the deal was and he told me they were called beach oysters and are best used cooked...

          2. I'm pretty sure that Pisces sells shelled Oysters. they are right next to the summerhill liquor store.