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Feb 12, 2008 03:58 AM

Coral Springs Family

Hi there-

I'm heading to Coral Springs for a gymnastics meet this weekend and was wondering if people had suggestions for good, reasonably priced food for families. It would also be good if the restaurants accommodated large groups, but maybe that's asking too much!?? Thanks...

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  1. Every chain restaurant is up and down University Drive from the Sawgrass Expressway to Atlantic Blvd. For large baseball gatherings we go to Ale House or Pasquales alot. Food is okay at both. Pizza Time has awesome specialty pizza and sandwiches and has a very nice room for large groups.

    Where is the meet? If it's at the CS Gym there is a Pasquales around the corner and a brand new BBQ called Stevie B's that is suppose to be very good.

    Check out this link for all the menus, just put in coral springs or the name of the restaurant you want

    ps: good luck!

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      Yep, Coral Springs is chain land. Its best restaurant is a probably another South Florida chain, Anthony's Coal Fired. Pizza Time is simply average, and has lived off small town hype for years.

    2. There's a bonefish grill in coral springs (Atlantic and university) which is always consistently good and can probably accommodate a moderately large group.

      1. I've always had good luck with Pasquale's on Coral Ridge and Westview. They have large booths, and even a back room that accomodates large parties. They are also very good about reserving tables for groups even with very short notice. Their menu has a variety of choices for everyone (pizza, Italian entrees, subs, salads, etc). Good luck at the competition.

        1. Gold Coast Grill has a room that can acommodate large parties and has always had good food....Kilwins ice cream is right next door, if the desserts don't appeal to you! It's in the Walk, on University Drive.

          Also, we have found Migliori very acommadating to large groups, and decent italian. on Wiles and Coral Springs Drive, in the Brookside Square shopping center.

          Chainwise, we have also had large groups for lunch and dinner get a reasonably private area at Olive Garden, on University Drive between Royal Palm and Atlantic, east side of the street.

          Also, the Pure Cafe, in the same shopping center as Pasquales, mentioned below has set up lunches for about 15 of us from time to time. Coral Ridge Drive and Westview, just south of the Sawgrass Expy.

          We do the Ale House a lot but I'm not wild about it...if you have a large group, you'll be at different tables, but it is very casual, which is nice, and kid friendly. Food is okay. University Drive at 19th St, just south of Royal Palm. Not far from the gym.

          Pizza Time is nice but we've always had terrible service there. Sample Road, just east of Coral Ridge Drive.

          A few new places opened up on Coral Ridge, just north of the Sawgrass...Moe's Southwest Cafe and Beef O'Brady's. Have not been to either yet. Buffalos is another choice....same center as Pasquales, and Pure Cafe, on the east side of Coral Ridge. We've had groups as big as 20 there.

          Have fun!

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            Pringle, could you tell me a bit more about Migliori and Pure Cafe? Are they unique places?

            1. re: johnmlinn

              Sure! Migliori opened up where Caruso's used to be, and is owned by a former chef or co-owner of Pizza's a very friendly italian place, with a very homey feel. We've gone there after events with a group as large as 30 or as small as 10 and they've been very nice, very acommodating to us. It's very casual, and the food is pretty good and consistent. I like the atmosphere MUCH better than Pasquales, where we've gone for end-of-season parties with the kids, and I think Migliori's pizza is better too...

              Pure Cafe is neat...also very casual, it's part juice bar, part restaurant, and in fact it is attached to a gym (Body Mechanics), but has a door direct from the outside too. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I've been there to lunch a few times, dinner once. Mostly healthy fare, and again, we've been there with groups and they've put tables together for us to give us our own area.
              Their website appears to be down at the moment, but in addition to smoothies at the bar, their menu includes:

              hummus, whole wheat quesadillas, 8 different salads, an awesome grilled vegetable wrap, apple walnut chix salad, burgers, (from turkey burgers to black angus beef), a veggie lasagna, whole wheat pastas, a tofu club sandwich that looks and tastes delicious, chicken breast with brown rice, meatloaf, salmon with a maple ginger glaze, tangerine beef, tilapia wrap, and other sandwiches, soups, roasted chicken and sides like sweet potato fries, baked potato or sweet potato plus fresh squeezed juices and the smoothies.

              It's neat because you can eat really healthy or get a burger and fries, and everything is good. The sandwiches are all under $10, and the highest priced entree is the tangerine beef at $15.

              We like it because my vegetarian daughter and burger scarfing son can all be happy there....and some very health conscious friends and I will usually pick there for a group lunch.