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Feb 12, 2008 03:30 AM

Pre or Post Theater

This Saturday night we are celebrating a birthday with a play. I would like to have a good meal before or after the show but since I have lived in the theater district 5 years ago, I really haven't been back to eat.

Should we eat before the show or after the show? What are good resturaunts to go to that would fit the schedule of a theater, early brisk but not rushed meal and/or late night dinning?

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  1. I always prefer to dine after, particularly on a Saturday when pre-theater is a madhouse at any popular restaurant. My favorites are Vice Versa, Orso, and Marseille. You may have some difficulty getting a res on such short notice.

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      I'll just keep my mouth shut. Rrems always gets there before I do and with the same recs. LOL

    2. Boit en Bois is an amazing French restaurant and great for pretheater. It's closer to Lincoln Center but oh so worth it. They have an excellent prix-fixe (about $35) that includes choices from almost everything on their a la carte menu. It's a tiny place with limited seating so reservations are recommended. Definately try any of their specials or meat entrees. Last time I was there, I had the most heavenly wild mushroom ravioli app and venison entree. Excellent!