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Feb 12, 2008 03:24 AM

Restaurant Supply in DC

Hello all,

I am looking for a restaurant supply store in DC. I have been searching, but with no success. Could you keep it Metro accessible - or at least somewhat - as I go to GW and have no car?

Also, any ideas for places to get fresh herbs?


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  1. Try Best Equipment at the Capital City Market. The D.C Farmers Market is also there so you may have a shot at fresh herbs also.



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      Best Equipment is at 413 Morse Street, NE. If you click the Beta link below, there's a map and I think the nearby Metro stop may be on it. They're open hours that suit restaurants which means they close early. Great prices and a big selection of stuff. I buy lots of my kitchen equipment there.
      Don't miss Litteri's at 517 Morse. Terrific Italian deli and grocery. Super sandwiches, they make their own sausage, best prices on olive oil and imported pasta in town.
      The Florida Ave Market is wonderful!!!!

      Best Equipment Corp
      413 Morse St NE, Washington, DC 20002

    2. El Grande or Grand Mart for herbs. Very cheap too