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Feb 12, 2008 01:27 AM

Samurai Noodle #2

On the Ave, across from the Big Time Brewery. No opening date posted, just a big paper sign: 'Coming Soon'. Six blocks from my house - the only hard part will be to avoid getting hit by a car as I stumble out of the Big Time with an appetite.

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  1. I go to school at UW and I've been waiting forever for this place to open so I can introduce my friends to the joy of real ramen.

    1. Its still a few months from opening apparently. The building owner has to do some earthquake proofing and that is holding things up. Its going to have 4 times the seating of the current space! Woo hoo!

      1. anyone know what happened? I can't find Samurai Noodle on the ave - did they abandon it?

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          Are you on the right ave? What part of 'across from the Big Time Brewery' was confusing, lol.

          I walked by there today, and as luck would have it, the front door was open! I walked inside the still empty husk, up to the 2nd floor where a solitary carpenter was at work. He very kindly apprised me that work would begin on the space in earnest this week, and that a projected open date was sometime in January.

        2. Is the second samurai noodle location currently open & operating? Anyone been?

          1. The construction came to a dead halt in December and languished for months. But there's hope! The front of the space has been barricaded with plywood and there is definite activity going on inside now. I peeked in: the interior is still gutted, but a stairway has been demolished & another built. So progress is being made, albeit slowly.